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What is the Heaviest Breed of Dog?

By John W. Wiley

For young children, this is a question that many will want to know. It always important to them to know what is the biggest and the largest. However, this fascination does not end with children as many adults are also curious to know the answer about what is the heaviest breed of dog. There are a lot of possibilities out there too as there are a number of very large dogs that can easily weigh over 100 pounds. As for the actual answer it is the Old English Mastiff.

This dog is considered the heaviest breed because it can weigh over 100 pounds on up to over 300 pounds. This is a huge dog that dwarfs many other big dogs making it an impressive animal in its own right. As you might be able to guess, these dogs are also very strong as would be needed to carry around all this extra weight.

What is also interesting about mastiffs is that the other variations of this dog can also weigh a great deal also so it is not just the Old English Mastiff. Perhaps the most well known of this bunch is the Bullmastiff. However, what I find most fascinating is that this dog can outweigh other big dogs like the Saint Bernard, Great Pyrenees, Irish Wolfhound, and Great Dane to name a few. All these dogs are very large animals and yet, they are still smaller than this dog breed.

As you can see, the heaviest dog breed is the Mastiff. Knowledge of this information will marvel children particularly if you have a couple pictures. Even better is if you can have them see one in person as their small size in contrast to the big dog will certainly leave an impression on them. However, even if you don’t have any children, at least you will have an answer to a sure to come sooner or later trivial pursuit question.

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Pets In The Garden

I found this quizz in a Canadian website called the Brantford Expoisitor. It was posted by Shawna Dobbie for The Ontario Gardener:


1. TRUE OR FALSE:Dogs eat grass to

make themselves throw up. 2. TRUE OR FALSE:Dogs won’t eat poisonous plants.

3. TRUE OR FALSE:Castor beans are the most toxic plant.

4. TRUE OR FALSE:Sprinkling cayenne on flower beds is a harmless way of discouraging cats.

5. TRUE OR FALSE:Mulch can discourage cats from digging in your garden.

6. TRUE OR FALSE:Cocoa mulch will kill your dog.

7. TRUE OR FALSE:Plectranthus canina is the most effective repellent for cats and dogs.

8. TRUE OR FALSE:Cat poop in the garden is a serious health risk.

9. TRUE OR FALSE:Not all cats will appreciate it if you plant catnip in the garden.

10. TRUE OR FALSE:Scattering bread cubes in the garden can detract dogs from defecating there.

See the answers by clicking into the article here.



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