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About “sasha & me” – Designs for Modern Pets

I have been so taken by the products I have seen being produced by sasha & me here in Australia that I sent their Director, Claudia, just a few questions to find out more. I have seen the stylish and modern images posted on Facebook. These include pet beds, blankets, bed covers and accessories like collars and leads and dog neck warmers! On further inspection of their website I notice they also sell the Moso Bamboo Range.. products made from bamboo of course. What I had also read is that sasha & me have heart! They donate 5% of all sales to the Bali (Dog) Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre (BARC).

“sasha & me is a label that offers fashionable, contemporary products for dogs and dog lovers.  Each high quality product and accessory has been designed to enhance and strengthen the relationship between people and their four legged-friends”, says Claudia  in her introduction to my questions that follow.

“The brands philosophy is based upon Contemporary Design, Eco Friendliness and Fair Trade”, said Claudia.

Claudia, to get some background on the creator of sasha & me can you tell us a little about yourself?

“I have spent most of my professional life in fashion. Over the years I gained experience in product development, buying and in senior management”, said Claudia.

“Like so many crucial events in life, I started sasha & me by chance, disillusioned by the Australian retail fashion industry, I wanted to do something that I could be passionate about and make a difference, and this is how sasha & me was borne.

I launched the brand in 2012, in my tiny office and stored all my designs in the garage. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to keep the designs clean and modern without the cliché designs that I have seen around the pet stores. I had no idea if I was doing the right thing but I just keep following my instinct and never gave up my vision”, said Claudia.

How else can you describe the sasha & me product range?

“All of our designs are simple and contemporary; we like to compliment our beds and accessories to the individual style and home design – why have a beautiful home but a very average looking pet bed? I never understood the logic of that. A dog bed is a large and unique piece of furniture in your home – be proud to show it off. Your pet after all is part of your family”, said Claudia.

“The next thing we focus on is quality.  We have never compromised and we never will. I want the brand to be something I would be very proud to purchase myself. Therefore we spend numerous hours searching for the best organic fabrics or eco-friendly materials and focus in attention to details and craftsmanship. For example check out the the Moso Bamboo Range.

Sustainability and transparency are today’s inescapable requirements. Consumers want to know where the product comes from, who makes it, how it is made and what are the long-term benefits, for the buyer, for the people we engage with and the environment”, said Claudia.

What’s next for sasha & me?

“Now a year later, we have moved to a bigger office and we are starting to build a strong relationship with many small retailers. We keep it humble and happy and focus on growing our relationship with like-minded people across the globe”, said Claudia.

“We are currently expanding our range and we’re constantly working on new designs.

Last but not least, our goal this year would be to find a distributor in the USA. We have a strong demand over there so we just need to find a company that would value our vision and share our  philosophy of life with our pets”, said Claudia.

We here at Dogs and Cats of course wish sasha & me all the best!

One more thing Claudia – - do you have a special offer for our readers?

“OK – let’s do the travel mats with your readers. We will offer  free postage”said Claudia. To ensure you get this deal just email and mention “special offer”.

Thanks Claudia! Here is the travel mat again..





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Luxury Dog Collars For The Other Important Member Of The Family

By Cookie Maxwell

People form deep emotional bonds with their dogs. A dog looks at its human owner as an alpha, and will often take on the role of the master’s servant. Dogs are highly intelligent and emotional creatures who are able to sense the moods of their owners. Sometimes dogs are better company than other people, which is why they have the title of man’s best friend. The powerful relationship between a person and their dog often leads to the dog being treated like a king. An owner can treat their dog even better than they treat themselves.

Luxury dog collars are a good way to treat your favorite four legged friend to something special. Like most people, dogs enjoy receiving positive attention, and this fancy gear will get them plenty of it. The inventor of the dog collar probably never dreamed that someday these items would be even more fashionable than the jewelry worn by people. There are many different styles of luxury collar, and they are available in all sizes. The prices of these collars range from affordable to the extravagant.

Estate collars come in six different colors of natural Italian leather with oval gemstones that are surrounded by 22 karat gold. The Straight Cut Random Swarovski Crystal Collar is specially designed for dog owners who can afford the finest in luxury collars. The good news is that even the most expensive style of collar is still under two hundred dollars. That’s expensive, but it shouldn’t break the bank. An Element collar is a more casual luxury item. These collars represent earth, air, fire and water, and their respective Zodiac signs. Dog lovers who consult their daily astrology report will fall in love with these hip collars that cover all four elements of nature.

The Heart and Cross Bones collar is tasteful and attractive. It comes in many different colors and sports a simple heart and bones design. The adorable Leather Dots collar looks like a collar with buttons all around it, and is made with high quality leather. Thanks to the color selection, almost every variety of luxury dog collar would look good on both male and female dogs, although the Pebbies Pink Cat’s Eye Dog collar was probably designed with a female hound in mind. Some styles address the opposite sexes directly, like the Pink Bling collar and the Sky Blue Bling collar.

Luxury collars are more expensive than regular dog collars, but they’re still affordable. For example, most of them are priced below the one hundred dollar mark, making them perfect for special occasions like a dog’s birthday or Christmas. These collars were created especially for pet owners who like their dogs to look as stylish as possible, and for this type of person it should be well worth the price. These luxury dog collars serve a practical purpose as well, offering the same traits as the average dog collar. Dogs might not be able to comprehend what kind of collar they have on, but they will appreciate the attention they get from it.

MyReviewsNow offers information regarding dog collars. To learn more about dog collars, visit our website at

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Giving Your Dog A Good Massage

By Neo Smith

Soon after I have Belle, my first dog, I found myself visiting the pet park on every weekends and while I was there I made a couple of new friends who shared a great deal of information. One of the things I learn from the other pet loves there was the power of giving a massage to my dog. Similar to how a massage makes us feel good by releasing tight muscles and helping us find our calm center, the same applies to our dogs as well.

Some of the benefits of massage includes:

- Stress relief

- Soothing and comforting

- Assist healing process by triggering body natural ability to heal itself from injury, strain and fatigue

- Helps detect swelling, stiffness, pain and tension

- Helps the body to function more effectively

- Improves our dog’s agility

- Helps increase the bonding between our dogs and us

There is a whole big field dedicated to massaging for dogs, books and information are easily available. I am not an expert in this field so I will be sharing the basics which I have learnt from my fellow dog lovers and found to be useful.

1. Get your dog to lie down on a soft but firm mat.

2. Begin with several long and slow stroke starting from head all the way down to the tail.

3. Once she is relax and calm, you may start scratching from behind the ears, under chin, slowly over the nose, between the eyes, around the eyes and to the top of her head.

4. Using three fingers, move slowly over the neck, shoulders, and chest in small, circular patterns, gently pinching folds of any loose skin in these areas.

5. Lightly squeeze down the length of each leg.

6. Placing three fingers on each side of the leg and softly rub opposite directions several times.

7. Place your thumb and index finger on each side of the spine and move down lightly toward the base of the tail, and then the outside of each thigh.

8. Finish with a few long and slow stroke from head to tail.

If your dog is feeling uncomfortable with having his feet handled, give each foot a couple of soft squeezes. While massaging your dog, it is also a good time to feel around and have a visual check on your dog for any abnormalities. It is important to remember to keep your touch light and gentle at all times.

Visit my blog for more information!

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Unconditional Pet Love

By Becky O’Neil

Our animals are not only a part of our family they bring us unconditional and loyal love. So everyone, from Alexandria to Zanzibar, on Valentine’s Day take a moment to appreciate and show your pet how much you love them.

How can you safely show the furry members of your family how special they are to you this Valentine’s Day?

Give them a pet-friendly treat: bake at home dog cookies or treats but don’t share that box of chocolates…chocolate is a toxic for animals!

Spend some quality time with your pet: schedule a grooming session or go for a long walk, or curl up together for a good cuddle. Attention is always appreciated! If you’re planning a romantic getaway why not hire a professional pet sitter. Many pet sitting companies offer services in Alexandria, Fairfax and Arlington areas and can schedule a pet sitter to come to your house to take care of all of your pet’s needs while you are away.

Buy something special: a new fluffy warm bed, a new scratching post, a new bone or chew toy, a new squeker toy, a gift certificate for a week’s worth of extra attention with a pet sitter, heart shaped catnip toys……something new is always fun! Your pet will love it!

Watch out for two of the most common gifts on Valentine’s Day -chocolate and flowers. Flowers such as lilies are extremely toxic to cats and will cause fatal kidney failure.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day -your pet will love the extra attention!

Becky O’Neil is a pet expert and owner of Becky’s Pet Care, professional pet sitter and dog walker in Alexandria, VA

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Discover the Benefits of Raised Dog Beds – Read This FAQ Now

By Missy Ballerd

Not a lot of people have heard about raised dog beds, and they don’t know what they are. After you have read these FAQs you will have a better understanding of what these beds are, and how your dog will benefit from this style of indoor/outdoor bed.

What is a raised dog bed?
A raised dog bed is basically a dog bed that is raised about 6 inches above the ground and they usually have a comfortable all weather fabric for the dog’s comfort. The part where the dog sleeps is not touching the ground at all.

Think of it as a cot for a dog. Some of them can even be folded back up like a cot; however, most of them have solid legs to make it sturdier.

Why would you use a raised bed?
Mostly to keep the dog up off of the ground, considering how uncomfortable it is to lay on the ground, even if there is a pad there, it is still uncomfortable. These beds also allow air to flow freely under the it for the dog’s comfort.

Another thing is moisture; it collects on the ground, and can get into the ground beds quite easily. This style will keep your dog off the wet ground which will help prevent aching joints due to the dampness.

How much do they cost?
These beds do not cost that much at all, anywhere from $25 – $100 is usually the top cost for for one. Then again it all depends on which brand you buy and the size since they come in small, medium and large dog bed size. In addition to size you want to be sure to get a sturdier one with a good sleeping surface.

Now that you have gone over these FAQs you have a better understanding of raised dog beds; what they are, and how they are good for your dog. They are basically a cot for your dog, keeping it off the cold floor or ground. Since it is off the ground, there is less chance for it to be subject to moisture that has collected on the ground or floor. And with such a low price tag, you will be able to afford these beds without much trouble at all.

Need a new bed for your dog? Then you need to buy raised dog beds for it. This will keep him or her warm and cozy anytime it takes a nap or just wants to find a comfortable place to lay down. All you need to do is go to this website now, and you’ll be well on your way to having the best kind of dog bed on the market

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Beds For Dogs – Let Sleeping Dogs Lie in Comfort

By Jon Peirce

Your dog’s sleeping habits reflects yours. But instead of sleeping on a stretch, your dog takes several naps and the total number of sleep hours for a healthy dog is 14 hours. If he has gotten on with the years, he’ll be sleeping more – and need a nice comfortable bed to soothe his achy muscles. Beds for dogs are now available and in the best quality foam ever.

Your pet needs enough sleep to stay healthy and alert. If you haven’t been paying attention to your dog’s needs, it’s about time you take a closer look because dogs, like humans, need comfortable beds, too. Although beds for dogs are not equal in quality and comfort, you can have choices or rather have choices for your dog. Large dog beds contain the latest sophisticated bed technology and strong enough to take on your dog’s full weight.

The latest in foam mattresses has uses for dogs. Foam mattresses, such as the memory foam contracted by NASA to AMES Research Center, is polyurethane boosted with added chemicals, which increases the standard foam’s thickness and gumminess and makes this foam a perfect cushion for the human body shape. Some special memory foams heat up when the weather is cold and cools off when the temperature warms.

These are perfect beds for dogs with arthritis. Quality canine beds have a waterproof liner, which keeps the beds odor and stain free. The liner prevents liquids from seeping into the memory foam and prevents the growth of harmful allergens. This protective liner actually extends the life of the bed and gives your dog more sleeping pleasure. Because the foam molds into the dog’s body shape, it soothes painful joints whatever the dog’s sleeping position.

The Perfect Sleep Partner:

For busy dog owners who don’t have the time to maintain the beds, it is a bonus that the soft suede bed cover is machine washable, hence it protects the bed longer from the usual wear and tear. The cover is easy to remove because the attached zipper is extra long.

If you are worried about the floor, take a look at the bed’s bottom, it is encased in non-slip-grip material. No matter how large your dog, large dog beds won’t be sliding all over the place and your dog can simply drop into his favorite spot for a nap anytime.

Why choose memory foam for your dog? The answer is obvious – the foam stays in shape for years to give your dog maximum sleep comfort. The heating feature of the bed also relieves arthritic pain, hip dysplasia, and muscle stiffness. If you have other dogs – there are other sizes available, too – small and medium beds for dogs, so each of your dogs have their own beds.

These beds for dogs can be ordered online on installment basis. Payments via VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are accepted. That your dogs can now sleep in comfort whether they are bothered by arthritis or not, memory foam beds for dogs are great investments for healthier and happier dogs.

As Seen On TV Beds For Dogs. Small Medium & Large Dog Beds Available in 2 Easy Payments.

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Dog Massage Tips & Techniques : How to Massage Dog Ears

Dog ears contain thirteen different muscles that can all get tired and sore, so dogs love getting their ears massaged! Learn how to massage a dog’s ears in this free pet care video guide on giving dog massages.

YouTube Preview Image

Expert: Mary Norton
Bio: Mary Norton is a Pet Masseuse and Veterinarian Assistant.
Filmmaker: joseph wilkins


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Heard of Doga? That’s Dog Yoga!

Humans aren’t the only ones gaining the benefits of yoga. Dogs can too, at the Lakeshore Athletic Center in Chicago. Chicago Revealed uncovers what dog yoga, or doga, is all about, and host Katie Kijowski gives it a try with a Pomeranian.

YouTube Preview Image

We at dogs and cats are really keen to add more Australian doga centres. You can add a centre for free by clicking here.


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Dog Massage : Dog Foot Massage

Foot massages for dogs are very important for getting your dog used to touching their paws. Learn more about how to massage a dog’s foot with tips from a licensed massage therapist in this free pet care video.

YouTube Preview Image

Expert: Hope LaMonica
Bio: Hope LaMonica is certified in massage therapy as well as in dog massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture for the veterinarian technician and canine water therapy.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller


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Louis Vuitton Dog Collars

By Nath Sok

You are trendy, stylish, and always up to date with the latest fashion.  You have the latest matching shoes, matching purse and to boot even matching umbrellas.

It’s only natural that you would also want your dog to have the very best.  Well now that designer’s are all over the pet fashion scene isn’t it time you got your little dog there too.  Am sure you know all about Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or Chanel, wouldn’t it be great to take your dog for a walk in matching designer brand.

It’s no secret that designer collars like Louis Vuitton is expensive, as you can imagine, the options and choices for these collars are enormous.  Being a brand in the fashion market for so long, it’s expected they would have a wide array of styles. With such a diversified selection it wouldn’t be hard to find the perfect dog collar to match your style.

Remember that if the collar is Louis Vuitton it will always be refined, but some models are more traditional and others have exclusive designs and trademarks. The dog collar can be made out of a neat fabric, it can come printed or with some sort of design. This amazing collar can even come with no markings other than the famous “LV” sign proving your collar’s extreme quality.

True Louis Vuitton dog collars are made with designer fabrics which is what really sets Louis Vuitton collars apart form the rest. The designer fabrics that are used for LV dog collars are the same types of designer fabrics that you will find on Louis Vuitton handbags.  These collars are just the beginning, as you can also find the designers name on leashes, dog carriers and other products for your dog.

Some would argue that designer collars are a complete waste of money nothing but silly indulgence. But, for those that hold their dogs in the highest esteem and treat them like family members, they don’t think designer dog collars are absurd at all. If anything,  designer dog collars for their loved ones, is just the chic choice.

Nath Sok is a devoted lover of dogs. Discover more information about Dogs, visit


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