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Dogs Not Allowed in House?

We have two dogs and three cats and they are truly loved and pampered and have the run of the house and yard. They are small dogs that can go out to the toilet when they feel the urge and the cats use kitty litter.

Our next door neighbour had two dogs but recently the elderly dog died and their remaining dog is a big black Labrador about four years old called Bella. I felt sorry her as we have a hole in the fence and she used to sit and  just watch from her small yard. She’d see me taking the dogs for two walks a day seven days a week and come with use for drives to the park or beach.

I started giving her treats through the fence with her owner’s approval. They are a lovely family with two young kids and your every day family that keeps the dog outside and try to take her for a daily walk.

They went away for a weekend and asked if we could feed her. Well I have truly started something here. She spent a full 48 hours with us and slept over on the lounge! She has started coming for the two walks and is slowly getting more used to being restrained on the leash..

Now she stays here during the day until her family gets home and then goes to sleep there at night. As you can imagine she seems so much happier!




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Can You Help Transport a Dog from Sydney to Bowral/Goulburn on Friday for Paws and Recover?

Paws and Recover – is a registered Not-For-Profit Organisation who are establishing an infrastructure of volunteers to support people by sharing the care of their pets during a health crisis and difficult times.

Through a network of volunteers, Paws and Recover offers practical help such as dog walking, respite pet care, fostering, dog and cat grooming, transporting pets to vets and support in assisting people care for their animals during times of illness.

They have put out a call for help!

“I need to transport a dog to Yass on Friday. The people at the other end can probably come to either Goulburn or even Bowral area .

Is there anyone that might be able to help please. I’m happy to pay for petrol and tolls if you can help or know anyone that can help.”

Many thanks

0407 994 295


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Pets Are Family Too!

By Dawn Combs

I am sure that I am not alone in saying that my husband and I love our pets like they are our children. Many people treat their pets as members of their family and shower on them all the love, care and concern someone would give any member of their family and we are no different. We personally, have three dogs, a cat and a mini macaw. There are more animals than humans in our household but it is a harmonious place. They all have their own personalities and place in our family unit, and they are all cherished for their foibles, charm, the great love and affection they give us freely, and the easy going and malleable natures they have developed over the years. We are proud pet owners and I feel like we have done our fare share in rescuing wonderful animals that were in dire need of a forever family.

My husband and I got our first dog very soon after we met and moved in together. He was a Beagle Black Lab mixed breed that we rescued from the local Humane Society and he was three months old (we named him Garcia…yes…after Jerry). He had kennel cough when we adopted him and the folks at the Humane Society told us he may not live. They didn’t take into account the stubborn Beagle traits the little guy had because not only did he survive the kennel cough but he lived to be 15 years old! Never having a puppy before I was surprised at how much work it was! The potty training, shots, bathing, feeding, walking, training…and of course many hugs and kisses. Talk about a wakeup call; it was a wakeup call I would never regret.

I have always loved animals and my family and I had many different kinds while growing up. We had rabbits, hamsters, fish, dogs, cats, birds and horses. But once I reached adulthood I was too busy with the normal things twenty-something people do to consider getting a pet. When I met my husband that changed and our one rescued dog named Garcia turned into three rescued dogs. We would eventually we would adopt two more when our first two died of old age.

After many years owning pets I can honestly say me and my husband have definitely made some mistakes, but we have also learned a lot. If I were asked what one of the most important factors is in owning any pet I would say to simply give them the attention, love and proper care they need and crave. So many people get a pet on a whim and then quickly forget about them when the shine and novelty wear off. Pets are not toys, they are sentient beings with very definite needs and a very clear dependency on their human caretakers.. What is one of the biggest mistakes people make in pet ownership? Not giving adequate boundaries and corrective training! Dogs especially, are very pack driven and need clear direction on who the pack leader is and what is their role in the family unit is. Without calm, consistent and assertive guidance from a human pack leader dogs will sometimes develop aggressive tendencies and/or neurosis. This bad behavior will make life difficult for everyone in the family. In the long run the animal suffers since they end up in killing shelters, destroyed or simply chained out in a yard alone and uncared for. Start boundary and corrective training early, by three months of age, and be consistent; you will save yourself, your family and your pet much heartache, confusion and grief in the future. Pets are family too!

Dawn Combs, author

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An Exciting Year For Dogs and Cats In 2012

Here’s wishing you and your four-legged friends a fantastic 2012.

I am very excited about work that will commence within the next few months at making us modern and exciting with lots of new features.

In the meantime, I’ll keep adding regular blog posts to keep you up-to-date with information about your pet.

I also plan to share with you some photos and information about dogs and cats in Bali after our recent holiday there.

For the love of animals..


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Merry Christmas All Ye Dog Lovers!

Wishing you and your pets a fabulous Christmas/holiday..

YouTube Preview Image

We’re just back from a couple of weeks in Bali so hope to reume more regular blod posts soon!


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Animal Rights: The Brown Dog Riots of 1907

By Dorian Cope

It can be surprising to discover that the largest, most controversial and violent riot in Britain concerning the emotive issue of animal rights occurred not in recent years, but in 1907 – and that the most vociferous and heated protagonists were not those demonstrating on behalf of animals, but medical students defending their cruel, barbaric and unregulated scientific experiments. The so-called Brown Dog Affair – which saw its worst night of rioting in Trafalgar Square, as some 1,000 rowdy medical students clashed with police, suffragettes, trade unionists and working-class animal lovers – raged for seven years and was one of the most divisive issues in Edwardian London.

The drama began in December 1902, when two female anti-vivisectionists from Sweden infiltrated the medical school at University College London and witnessed the cruelty perpetrated against one particular brown terrier. During a lecture, while the animal was allegedly insufficiently anaesthetised, a professor cut open its abdomen in order to ligate and deprive the dog of the use of its pancreas. For the next two months, the terrier was confined to a cage where his miserable howling upset several UCL staff, until he was brought back to the lecture theatre in February 1903. Stretched on his back on an operating table, the dog’s legs and head were clamped and his mouth muzzled before he was once again cut open to inspect the results of the previous experiment. He was then handed over to another professor who cut a new opening to expose the salivary glands, and then stimulated with electricity in an attempt to prove that salivary pressure was independent of blood pressure. After half-an-hour, the unsuccessful experiment was abandoned. The dog was given over to a student who removed its pancreas before finally relieving it of its torture and killing it with a knife.

When the Swedish women exposed the inhumane and prolonged suffering of this unfortunate and unnamed dog, the researchers of UCL sued for libel – claiming that they were within the law. They won the court battle, but lost the war of public opinion – and the brown dog became a cause célèbre. In 1906, a memorial statue to this poor terrier was erected in Latchmere Park, Battersea with the following inscription:

“In Memory of the Brown Terrier Dog Done to Death in the Laboratories of University College in February 1903 after having endured Vivisections extending over more than two months and having been handed over from one Vivisector to another till Death came to his release. Also in memory of the 232 dogs vivisected in the same place during the year 1902. Men and Women of England – How long shall these things be?

The statue — with its bold and brazen anti-vivisectionist inscription — became a symbolic rallying point for political activists. But scientists, doctors and medical students loathed the provocative bronze dog for the scorn it poured over their profession. When legal efforts to remove the statue failed, these “anti-doggers” repeatedly tried to smash it themselves, forcing the progressive council of Battersea to employ 24-hour protection. The Brown Dog debate raged on the streets, at public meetings, in the newspapers and Parliament – culminating in the most violent night of rioting on 10th December 1907. In a demonstration planned to coincide with the annual Oxford-Cambridge rugby match, medical students from UCL – joined by their Oxford and Cambridge peers – once again attempted to uproot the statue with a sledgehammer. Driven away by locals, the students marched towards Trafalgar Square and sang to the tune of “Little Brown Jug”:

As we go walking after dark,

We turn our steps to Latchmere Park,

And there we see, to our surprise,

A little brown dog that stands and lies.

Ha, ha, ha! Hee, hee, hee!

Little brown dog how we hate thee.

As the anti-doggers gathered around Nelson’s Column, mounted police charged the crowd and arrested the ringleaders — including one Cambridge undergraduate who was “barking like a dog.” Over the following days and weeks, more rioting broke out. Women’s suffrage meetings were routinely invaded by medical students barking like dogs, and shouting “Down with the Brown Dog!” The issue was not resolved until March 10th, 1910 — when the new local council, unwilling to pay the mounting security costs, removed the statue in the dead of night.

The Brown Dog Riots — which could not be more ideologically at odds with the extraordinary student demonstrations we are currently witnessing — were instigated by elitists, not only by position of their class, but in their misguided and (ironically enough) quasi-religious belief that science was entitled to its own exclusive code of ethics. Can the quest for knowledge ever be justified by barbaric inhumanity? 100 years later, the repugnant and unnecessary practice of vivisection — torture by any other name — still continues. Men and Women of England – How long shall these things be? As Mahatma Ghandi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

The Brown Dog Riots — though long forgotten — was a pivotal event in the history of vivisection and animal rights. Visit to learn about other significant events in our past that have been submerged through the passage of time.

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Planning a Doggie Wedding – Keep Your Dog Comfortable

By Lisa A Mason

When planning a wedding that will involve your dog, there are some extra things to focus on. You already have a lot to plan for when planning a wedding so if you want to include your dog as well, then you want to start the planning process as far in advance as possible. Think about what role your dog will play in the events and how you will organize the wedding events around him.

While it’s cute to think about your dog in an adorable outfit and taking part in the celebrations, you also want to be sure your dog is comfortable for the event. So you will need to plan accordingly based on his personality and temperament and the events of the wedding.

Each dog is different just as every wedding ceremony is different but here are some guidelines to help you plan and prep:

· Consider how your dog behaves around large groups of people. How many guests will be attending? How many people are in the wedding party?
· Consider how comfortable he is in his attire. Does he love to strut around wearing fancy clothes? Will she start pulling them off after the first few minutes?
· Consider the temperature and weather. Some dogs do not do well in extremes of hot or cold. If your wedding will be outside, will your dog be comfortable? If indoors, will the temperature be controlled?
· Consider your dog’s role. Will his performance, or lack of it, affect the outcome of the wedding? For example, will your dog be carrying the rings in by himself? If so, then you need to be 100% confident your dog will perform on the big day. Otherwise, you may want to give him a lesser role that will not be detrimental to the wedding ceremony should he decide it’s all too much for him on the big day.

With these guidelines, planning a doggie wedding will include keeping your dog comfortable and happy. This is the best way to ensure your wedding with a dog is the best that it can be for everyone involved.

There are many different ways to include your pooch in your wedding ceremony, reception or related events. Take your time when planning it all out and consider which roles will be best for your dog. When you put her comfort levels first, you can feel confident she will perform the way you want her to.

About the Author:

Doggie Clothesline can dress your pup in the finest dog formal attire. We offer handsome dog tuxedos for the boys and lovely dog dresses for the girls. Dress your dog for any special occasion.

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Live Exports Must STOP

I generally add a blog post each day but over the last couple of days I have been too disturbed and distracted by a story that was aired on an ABC TV program showing the live export of cattle from Australia to Indonesia.

I knew it was coming because I belong to a network of animal lovers and we share news regularly via email. We knew that Animals Australia had taken undercover footage and it was to be aired that night. I sent this information to everyone I knew to alert them of the program and as the time approached we sat by the TV and I could only bear a few minutes watching the footage – that was enough. I couldn’t sleep that night.. and it has been on my mind ever since.

ABC1′s Four Corners exposé of the treatment of Australian cattle exported live to Indonesia showed a damning picture of this trade. Animals Australia and RSPCA Australia jointly launched a campaign to ban live animal export. Australia sends about 500,000 cattle there each year in a trade worth more than $300 million. Six million cattle have been sent to Indonesia since the trade began two decades ago, supplying a growing demand for beef.

Each year, animals born in Australia with regulations on their care and protection are exported live, only to be killed in countries where there are no protections to safeguard their welfare. They die slow and hideous deaths.

Time and time again, Animals Australia investigations have exposed the live export industry to be cruel, deceptive and out to make a profit — no matter what the cost.

The meat industry in Australia and the government are more than willing to export these animals to countries regardless of how cruelly they will be treated. Just how much suffering must these animals endure for the sake of profit?

In recent years Animals Australia investigators have put themselves in harm’s way to take footage of horrific slaughter or handling methods in Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. Campaigns have usually focused on sheep and the death and suffering during the 2-3 week trip to the Middle East and their treatment during the kill. In fact the live sheep have been shoved into car boots or strapped to car roofs or have ended up in barbaric abbatoirs.

Even though my website focuses on dogs and cats we do love all animals. It’s made me wish that all of the animals in Australia were treated with the same care and respect that domestic animals are treated. Of course there are people who mistreat pets but we try to expose them at each opportunity and generally any mistreatment just will not be tolerated by our society.

Australians have been horrified at what they saw and the news has spread like wildfire Already the GetUp petition has reached 160,000 signatures within 48 hours of the program being aired.

So far, the Government has only committed to stopping exports to 11 abattoirs in Indonesia. That’s not nearly enough. There are over 100 slaughterhouses in Indonesia, and only 8 are equipped with the stun technology that is standard here in Australia.

GetUp will be presenting a petition during a joint press conference with Animals Australia, RSPCA Australia and the Australian Meat Industry Employees Union (AMIEU) in Canberra at 3pm today to demand that the Gillard Government immediately halts live export to Indonesia and commits to a phase out of the live animal export trade.

Enough is enough don’t you think folks? It’s time to put an end to this cruelty once and for all!

Here’s how you can take action:

Write to the Prime Minister

It’s easy to contact your local MP here

sign the petition

Join the Animal Justic Party – a new Australian political party fighting for animal rights. It’s only $20 to join.


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Facebook For Dogs

By Tammy Maas

As funny as it sounds, social networking for dogs is becoming very popular. New technology and applications for mobile devices have opened up a whole new world for dog’s and their owners. In the following paragraphs we will discuss social networking options and what they can do for you.


The application on Facebook for dogs is called Dogbook but it was not developed by Facebook. The co-founders, Geoffrey and Alexandre Roche, are dog lovers and wanted to give people a site where they could save and share memories of their beloved pets. Similar in format to Facebook for people, you fill in information such as: breed, sex, hometown, favorite treats, activities and more. You can enter contests, join local groups and post photos of your pet. Your dog will have a profile where you can type updates from how his walk went to his experience at the dog park. There are over four million dogs networking on this site!


Social Networking in Fur Labs is the full name for what many refer to as SNIF Labs. This is another social networking site but way more advanced than Dogbook. SNIF Labs sells a device with radio technology that is placed on a dog’s collar. When the dog comes into contact with other dogs using the same technology, information on the owner and dog is swapped between users. Owners can use the information to meet other people or to create friendships where they can share their dog knowledge and experiences.

They also take this technology one step further. If a base station is installed, it will record when your dog sleeps, eats, walks or even goes potty. With detailed graphs you can view the information and use it to determine if your dog is getting enough exercise, if you are over feeding your dog based on his activity level or if the dog is sick. You can also compare your dog to other dogs of the same breed to see how he stacks up. For around $149.00, you and your dog can be part of the hip crowd.


The dognamic site is unique in that it offers dog amber alerts. Similar to the amber alerts for children, this site tells when dogs are missing so other viewers can help find them. You can also participate in polls, blogs, play games, read dog news, watch or post videos, post classified ads, enter contests, chat with other dog owners or schedule events.


The dogster site offers both informational and social data. If you have a question about your dog, you post it and others will give you advice or answer your question. There is information about: breeds, health, food, training and adoption. You can join groups, forums, write in diaries and get daily tips sent to your inbox.

And there is so much more to “like” about social networking for dogs. It doesn’t end here.

Tammy recommends social networking with Jim Hodges. He is a Dog Trainer that specializes in Leader of the Pack dog training… Teaching you to communicate with your dog so that he understands and wants to obey you. For more information on social networking for dogs, visit Leader of the Pack Dog Training.

If you have dog fencing needs, I recommend using Contain-A-Pet… The only company in the world that requires all new dealers to be professional dog trainers.

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Who Uses Dog Waste Bags?

By Kay Ringelstetter

As we explore our beautiful world with our pet, whether walking on leash or at the local dog park, who is responsible for using the dog waste bags? Good question! Of course the obvious answer may be the one who is exercising with their best friend – the good soul who is walking their dog or enjoying their romp in the dog park. But what if there is more than one person playing?

Many studies have shown that it is usually the female who performs the good deed. Maybe because she has more experience changing dirty diapers, but males can perform this job very well too. Maybe because she has more nimble fingers to gently scoop up the waste, but again, men can be instructed in this fine task. Maybe she is more environmentally conscious and aware of the health and pollution hazards of dog poop. Maybe she is better at remembering the waste bags. Well ladies, if you are tired of always being the one to pick up the waste, then there is a simple solution – teach them! And have your dog waste bags carrier attached to the leash at all times with a ready supply of dog poop bags. Many carriers also have extra pockets for dog training accessories and one even offers a pocket for an inverted bottle of hand sanitizer.

And teach your children, too. If they are educated in how our dog’s waste pollutes our rivers, streams and lakes and frequently closes our beaches, then they may also be encouraged to do their part in protecting our environment. Because kids, beaches and summer go together. Another teaching moment for your children would be explaining the advantages of using biodegradable dog poop bags. Why would we place something that is completely biodegradable into a bag that will exist in a landfill for a few hundred generations? Finally, kids are shorter – so they are closer to the ground and to the dog waste. Leave the stooping and the picking up to them. Then they can place the full dog poop bag into the dog waste carrier, preventing breakage of the bag and the unsightliness of a dangling poop bag.

What we must remember is that whoever chooses to bag the dog waste knows how to properly do so. They especially must know the importance of always using hand sanitizer when finished. Using a discreet, convenient and sanitary dog waste bags carrier will give the responsible pooper picker upper all of the tools that they need to finish the task correctly and safely.

A new and discreet dog waste bags carrier that will safely carry your dog poop and also has interior and exterior pockets for empty plastic bags, dog training accessories and an inverted bottle of hand sanitizer along with a handy clip for a dog poop bags dispenser, keys or a flashlight is now available. The new way to carry your dog waste. Convenient, Discreet, Sanitary.

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