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Sydney – 12 Year Old Cindy Needs a New Home

Linda has  an elderly client who has a 12 yr old female Jack Russell x Foxie.

“This lady is looking to rehome her asap as she feels she can no longer care for her. This lady has carers that come to her home regularly, so obviously she isn’t able to do things as easily as once might have been”, Linda said.

“She loves her dog Cindy dearly and wants to make sure she goes to a good home. She’s a very sweet dog, but she is quite timid with strangers – but not aggressive or anything.  She’s in really good health for her age too. My client got her from a shelter about seven years ago. She’s desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations too,” said Linda.

Please if there’s anyone who could help out can you please email Linda at


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Illawong – Tori a Three-Legged Boxer Needs Rehoming or Foster Care

Jacki from Paws and Recover has had a request to rehome a Boxer called “Tori”.

Jacki is looking for a foster home for her, while she explores options such as Boxer rescue and advertising her on Pet rescue.

Please let Jacki know if anybody is able to foster her, length of time unknown at this stage.

Details are:

Tori’s  owner has early onset dementia and her husband committed suicide some years ago and she recently lost her son tragically also.

There is another son that lives with her but the dog has been a little neglected and the RSPCA were called after dog was seen wandering streets.  The remaining son has issues of his own but has taken some very recent positive steps for healing.

They do love her dearly but given the recent tragedies and situation it seems they cannot care for her anymore and we are wanting to prevent the RSPCA coming to pick her up (they are planning on visiting again but have asked to call me for an update first).

The dog’s name is Tori.  She is a boxer.  About 12 years old and desexed.  Tori only has three legs but came to the current owners that way and gets around fine.  She is a friendly but shy dog. I have visited several times and have never been frightened of the dog nor do I recall her barking.

Please contact to discuss further.

Jacki 0401 925737


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Sydney – Short Term Foster Care Over Christmas/New Year to Save These Two Dogs From Death?

Jacki from Paws and Recover has had a request from a rescue group who are trying to save these two dogs.

They require a short-term foster till after Christmas – the reason being is that pounds at this time of year start killing the dogs as they know they will have an influx over New Year/Christmas as a result of dogs ending up at the pound escaping fireworks, etc and they need to “make room”.

The pounds have already sent out their PTS (put to sleep lists) early.

Jacki knows people are usually planning to go away at Christmas, but if anybody has space for a few weeks, it will mean the difference to these dogs between being alive or dead.

As always Jacki appreciates the fact you can pass this request on the email trail if you are unable to help.

Contact Jacki 0401 925737

or email


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Sydney – Shadow Needs a Home

Shadow is a seven year=old large Labradoodle that is looking for a home as his owners are unable to keep him due to husband losing job and accommodation issues.

He is used to being outside in a fenced environment

For more detail Jacki can put you in contact with owner,

Call Jacki on 0401 925737


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Sydney – Betty Needs a New Home

Betty is a nine year-old American Cocker Spaniel.

Her owner Lou is now faced with having to find her a new home – she is moving in to a new unit and she is having to stay at work ,longer and longer.

Betty had another canine companion up until recently who died so she had company..

Betty is very affectionate and loves company – she would suit someone who is at home or often or who has other dog friends.

Betty is desexed, microchipped, vaccinagted and wormed.

Please share and let me know if you or anyone in your networks can help or contact Lou directly on  0418 256 076.



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Sydney – Two Dogs Need a Forever Home Together

These two gorgeous dogs  have been together since birth …. at this stage I don’t have much information on them but I will add further information once available. I believe the owners are moving into an apartment and cannot take them.

Stay tuned for more information..

OK – I have further info:

Sesame is an eight year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback female. She is friendly and quiet and stays by your side when taken for a walk. She comes with her pure bred papers.

Sirloin is a  six year old male, a staffy/boxer cross who is friendly and playful and loves to run.

Both dogs are vaccinated, micro-chipped, and desexed.

Although a new home together would be ideal, we understand if they have to be separated as their well-being is of paramount importance. Thank-you for your kindness.


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Rumour – The Forgotton Sydney Dog

 HOW LONG? Rumour originally came to DoggieRescue with her sister Demi in August 2007. The two dogs were practically identical in looks, but not in luck. Both girls were adopted by different families when Doggie Rescue had their adoption centre at Drummoyne. Demi’s adoption was a great success but sadly, after a few months Rumour was returned when her new family changed their mind. (Adopted Dec 07 returned Oct 08)

DOES TOO MANY DOGS to choose from cause Rumour remain homeless? Time passes. Months turn into years. Rumour is now quite a bit plumper, and is approaching middle age, she has grown used to living her life in a busy kennel environment. She does have an arthritic joint in her front leg, which worries her at times, but she bears it with a stoic bravery.  Perhaps this is a turn off for prospective adoptees, nobody knows. After so long ( just over three years since she was returned ) Rumour accepts that Doggiewood is her home.

WHY HAS RUMOUR NEVER BEEN CHOSEN? She  can be a bossy girl with other dogs, perhaps that is the reason. As Rumour’s life passes her by we know what she is missing, but she does not. Rumour seems to be content— but is she? Lately she looks sadder, quieter, a bit more pushy perhaps. Wanting more—needing more! Waiting to be picked up, hoping for a cuddle, a gentle word of praise. Longing to be the centre of attention….

WHAT IF RUMOUR NEVER FINDS A HOME? If that happens she can stay at DoggieRescue for as long as she lives. She will have a comfy bed, yummy food and the staff & volunteers will give her as much attention as possible but we all want the ‘fairy tale’ ending for her…

For too long now Rumour has had to take the crumbs of life. To make do with the left overs, not for her the love and individual attention which, as a gorgeous little girl, is her due! Nor the happy times, outings or the people who love her unconditionally. She lives her life as one of over 100 dogs—loved and cared for yes, but not by her very own family and never, ever SPECIAL!

IT IS NOT TOO LATE for her to assimilate into a family home, perhaps as the only dog in the household! Every ‘Long Term’ dog, given a chance, has proved that these ‘by-passed dogs’ make wonderful pets and companions. Rumour has missed so much of LIFE and LOVE—but it is NOT TOO LATE to give her the loving home she has been waiting so long for, a family, and a FUTURE.


a little girl lost, WILL BE FOUND!!!


Please contact Doggie Rescue – just click here..

Please share so we can help Rumour to finally get the homes she deserves?


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