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How Talented Is Your Dog?

By Ron Ayalon

Maybe you have seen them on the television or on YouTube: dogs who act, paint, sing and do other tricks that a dog shouldn’t know how to do. The latest of these incredible canines is Uggie, a dog who is said to know how to act. Well, if you are one of those people who just isn’t buying that dogs are actually talented, consider yourself to be pretty darn smart! But if just can’t let go of the idea of your dog’s name on the marquee, read on.

The Truth About Talented Dogs
Dogs aren’t actors. They certainly aren’t painters and they cannot sing. That is just the bottom line. Dogs are animals who must be trained to perform specific jobs. Just like you train a dog to sit and roll over, you have to train a dog to play a specific part in a movie or to paint a masterpiece. While it is possible for a dog to pick up certain skills on his own, it is highly unlikely without considerable training.

Training a Dog to Show Off a Talent
When Uggie was training to become an actor, he spent upwards of 15 hours a day working on his skills. The skill that took him the longest to learn was the one that got him the Golden Globe. Learning how to play dead and stay dead was the last skill Uggie mastered before his audition. The training he needed was so intense that Uggie left his humans and moved in with his trainer to get the job done.

Teaching a dog how to paint isn’t really all that difficult, especially when comparing it to playing dead. Of course this depends on how you want Picasso to paint. If you want him to paint with a paintbrush in his mouth, you will have to teach him how to hold the paintbrush and how to dip it into paint. The way to do this is through repetition. You have to place the paintbrush in Picasso’s mouth, move it to the paint and then onto the canvas. The easier alternative is to place thick socks on Picasso’s two front paws. Have him walk into some paint and then walk around the canvas. You can even teach him to drag his paws to make lines.

Dogs who sing, well, that is just plain old silly. Many dogs will howl and make noise when a song is played. If you play the song enough, the dog will start to pick up on the melody of the music and over time, his howling and noise will start to sync up to the music. There really isn’t anything else to this masterful display of ‘talent’.

When Talent and Natural Instinct Meet
There are some dogs who have ‘talents’ that fall in line with their natural instincts. Sasha, a Labrador mix competed in a talent show by leaping over a moving obstacle. Sure, it was cute, but that wasn’t really talent. Sasha’s natural instinct is to jump over obstacles. Dogs who are roaming the wild have to jump over obstacles frequently to avoid getting injured while on the move.

Using Your Dog’s Talent for Good
There are two upsides to teaching your dog a talent. The first is that using his talent gives your dog a purpose. Dogs like to stay busy and they like attention. As long as you are showing Pascal your approval when he performs, he will be glad to do so and will enjoy showing off. If you keep praising him, Pascal will do it over and over again.

The second way to use Pascal’s talent for good is to train him to be obedient so that he can be a Canine Good Citizen. When he becomes a Canine Good Citizen, he can participate in programs in your area to help people benefit from his love. He may be able to go to nursing homes, hospitals or hospice as part of a companion therapy program or he may be able to work with organizations as part of an effort to show that not all dogs are wild or mean. If this interests you, simply Google Canine Good Citizen and see how you can Pacsal involved. Now that’s putting a talent to good use!

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Enjoy Teaching Dog Tricks to Your Dogs

By Alex De La Cruz

It is such a pleasure for any dog owner to show off his pet’s talents to other people. That is why many pet owners also strive to teach dog tricks to their pets so that they will have talents to show off. Along the way of rearing dogs, dog owners may lose enthusiasm towards their pets since they have sort of gone through the excitement phase. However, this is not supposed to be the case. For one, taking care of a canine is not supposedly a boring routine. It must remain exciting as years pass. So, teaching dog tricks to give your house pet some responsibilities in your household can be a good alternative to your usual routines.

Teaching a dog trick usually starts with the basic tricks that are easy to teach. Puppies usually learn new things faster and easier than more matured dogs. It is quite difficult to teach dogs that have already developed certain habits. Thus, it is most ideal to teach cool tricks for dogs. However, it is not safe to say that all puppies are easy to teach and older dogs are quite difficult. This situation can be altered by the type of dog breed. There are breeds that have good personalities for teaching dog tricks, while there are some that are not too compatible with tricks.

If you wish to teach your beloved pet, you may start with easy tricks for dogs. The easiest and the most common among the list are “sit” and “stay”. After teaching the basics, some pet owners would teach more complicated and fun tricks for dogs. Some pets are taught how to bring a TV remote, ride a skateboard, flush the toilet, and many other interesting talents that can be entertaining as well. Teaching dog tricks is not for entertainment purpose only, but you can actually let your dog ease up your life for you. In what way can your pet ease up your life? Well, you can teach them how to do basic chores at home.

Many canines are actually capable of opening and closing doors for you, some can fetch newspapers at your porch, and even search for lost items in your homes. With the right training for a dog, you may not only impress your friends with your pet’s one-of-a-kind talents but also make your pet a responsible member of your household. According to canine experts, dogs actually love to be given a set of task for them to fulfill. This way they feel more important and needed. So, do not hesitate in assigning tasks to your dogs. With proper training and enough patience, you would be able to benefit from teaching dog tricks.

The time you spend in teaching your beloved pet can also be the best time to bond with him and nurture your relationship with them. You don’t only train them but you’re also giving them the chance to exercise. Apart from that, dogs are said to learn a lot of discipline and behavioral trainings when you teach them tricks. Your pet can become more calm-mannered as a result of constant training. Furthermore, you will also be able to monitor your pet’s progress in terms of health and behavior when you spend more time with him.

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