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Advantages of Hiring a Pet Sitter

By Penney Hoppe

Benefits of a Pet Sitter to your Pets

· Unlike humans, pets prefer to have their life the same each day. They like to do things habitually. Hiring a pet sitter means allowing your pet to stay in your home. The sight, smell and sounds will be all familiar to your special pal unlike in boarding facilities.

· When at the pet sitter’s home, your pet’s diet and routine will continue which is very important. There are animals placed in boarding facilities that get too stressed that they do not have the appetite to eat. There are also facilities that do not regularly give the needed exercise.

· The possibility of your pet getting exposed to stressful situations and diseases will be minimized when a sitter takes care of him. The chances of your special buddy acquiring germs and disease are higher if he is in boarding facility with other animals not familiar to him.

· The hassles of traveling from your home to the kennel will be eliminated. There are times that constant travelling can be very stressful to your pet.

· Professional pet sitters can provide animals with the utmost care that you can rely on. Attention, love, mental stimulation, playtime and occasional treats are given to your pet, regardless of his breed. There are boarding facilities which do not accept certain breeds of animals.

Choosing a Pet Sitter

Choosing the right pet sitting expert can be a tough job. You need to look for someone who knows everything about petting such as the diet and grooming of the animals, and most of all, how can he get the animal to warm up to him.

Entrusting your cute puppy or kitty to someone you know you can rely on while you are gone can give you a feeling of security that your pet is in good hands.

· First, find out if the person has the qualifications needed for a pet sitter. Ask for some references and make some follow ups. References are the best way to obtain some ideas on the reliability of the pet sitter.

· There are several ways where you can effectively find a reliable pet sitting expert. You can begin your search online where numerous websites offer for pet sitting services.

· Your veterinarian is also the best resource person to ask. He might be acquainted with someone in your area who knows a lot about pet sitting.

· Do not decide on the first sitter you come across with. It is best to have several options. You can arrange interview to every one of them. Find out how your pet and the sitter react with each other. An experienced one can easily get the animal’s trust.

· Apart from your interview, observe the pet sitter if he asks several questions about your pet. A reliable sitter makes sure that he knows everything about your pet especially the diet and medical conditions so that he would know how to react if the situation calls for it. The one who doesn’t ask questions isn’t actually concern with your pet’s well-being.

Taming a Shy and Scared Pet

Older pets like cats and dogs tend to be scared and aloof of their new people around them. They usually hide and looked terrified every time you approach. It is not actually unusual for animals to be scared of other people and new environment especially when they were not properly socialized when they were still very young. If you are a pet sitter, patience is really something you need to put into the pet.

· A reliable pet sitter knows how to make a shy and scared animal trust him. Learn the “language” of the pet so it would be easier for you to gain his trust.

· Never look at the animal’s eye directly when he is not yet accustomed to your presence. It sometimes sends an aggressive message to the animal that might start a fight.

· From time to time, sit near the pet to let him know that you are of the same level; that you are not a threat.

· Talk to your special pal in the nicest way possible. Once the animal gets accustom to your company, start petting him, initially for few seconds, and longer on the following days.

Owners of older animals usually place their pets in boarding facilities or kennel. In some ways, it could be an advantage to the older pets since they are able to see other animals. The can also be fed and groomed properly. Owners of pet centers are aware of the needs of older pets unlike new and younger pets; they can be easily tamed since they are already accustomed to different people and animals.

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Finding a Reputable Pet Sitter

By Ron Ayalon

Finding caregivers for your fur baby is a task not to be taken lightly. If you are like most dog owners, Duncan is your best buddy and you want the best possible care for him. When you travel, you have a few options for what to do with Duncan. If you’re lucky, you can either take him with you or have a trusted friend or family member take him in. For many dog owners, those are not possibilities, which is why boarding and pet sitting are part of the booming pet care industry.

Kennels are places where you can leave Duncan while you travel. They provide a place to stay, exercise, and feeding. They are often also called boarding facility, pet hotel, doggy day care, or doggy camp. They can be stand-alone businesses, chains, or a service offered by a large pet store chain. Pet sitters are people who will come to your home while you are gone to walk Duncan, feed him, and give him some loving. They usually come between two and four times per day at your request, or may even stay overnight in your house.

The choice of whether to board Duncan or find him a sitter is an individual one. It may depend on whether Duncan likes other dogs, if he gets nervous going to new places, or how much exercise he needs. Your decision may also depend upon what you can afford and what is available where you live.

Both pet sitting and boarding can be viable and choices for caring for Duncan while you are away. There are plenty of trustworthy, reliable, and responsible pet sitters and boarders out there. And there are also bad and irresponsible ones. Whichever type of care you choose, it is essential that you choose an individual business that is going to take excellent care of your buddy.

The Basics
The first thing you should look for is insurance. There is absolutely no reason for a kennel or sitter to not be insured. And if it is a sitter, they should also be bonded. It seems like a simple thing, but you can eliminate any businesses immediately if they cannot prove to you that they have liability insurance.

Any business that hesitates to show you references from previous clients can also be scratched off the list. If a kennel or sitter cannot provide you with satisfied customers, that is a major red flag. Take Duncan and walk quickly away from such a business. Insist on nothing less than an email or phone number so that you can communicate directly with a prior customer or two and find out what their experience was like.

If you plan to go with a kennel, take Duncan there well ahead of your planned travels. Let him sniff around, meet the employees, and play with the other dogs. Ask to see where the dogs sleep, find out how much time they get to spend outside of the actual kennels, and find out about feeding schedules. Make sure you are comfortable with everything you see. Dogs should look happy and well-exercised. A bunch of restless dogs locked up in cages is a bad sign.

If you are going to work with a pet sitter, be sure they come out to your house before your travels. You need to be sure Duncan likes the sitter and you want to get to know the person yourself. Insurance and references can tell you a lot about a person, but there is nothing like meeting them in person to make you feel comfortable. Use your intuition, and if something seems off about the sitter, find another option. Remember that this person is not just caring for Duncan, they are going to have a key to your home.

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Advantages of Leaving Your Dogs in Doggie Daycare Centers

By Jackie Reyno

Like people, pets sometimes get lonely when they are left alone. Dogs, for example can sometimes behave badly when they are alone for an extended time. If you have a pet that hates to be alone, it’s a good idea to put try putting it in a doggie daycare center.

Doggie daycare centers are designed to cater to your dog while you’re away. This includes recreational time to keep them occupied. They are also fed nutritious meals, played with and pampered.

Many doggie daycare centers have organized activities for dogs just like you would for children. The dogs usually love this much more than being left alone at home to mope and get bored. It prevents them from being destructive with your possessions.

When you place your dog in a doggie day care it gives them the human contact they crave. It relieves their anxiety and gives them a needed distraction.

If you love pets and are looking for some extra income, why not open your own doggie daycare center? You’ll need to have plenty of land and kennels to house the dogs.

The dogs will also need lots of room to run and a safe area for you to walk them. Don’t forget to clean up after them promptly. No one wants to leave their pet in an unsanitary facility. Failing to keep things neat can also get you shut down.

The best part of the job is that you get to be around animals all day long and still make money. It’s the best of both worlds for many people.

So, if this sounds appealing to you, why not try it? Make money while doing something you enjoy! Pets are great to be around and are often glad to be able to bond with other people and animals instead of staying home along.

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10 Foods You Should Never Give Your Dog

By John W Wylie

Dog food is for dogs and human food is for humans, and never the twain shall meet. Unfortunately, this is a rule that many dog owners do not follow when they feed their dogs “people food” and some suffer the consequences. There are 10 foods you should never give your dog because these items are unsafe, and in some cases toxic, for the pooch.

Chocolate- this is toxic for dogs and can therefore kill them. The caffeine and several other ingredients affect the heart and nervous system of the canine. Based on the fact that caffeine is toxic, coffee and tea are also on the do-not-feed list.

Bones- bones from real animals should not be given to dogs to chew on. They can splinter when the dog bites them and these splinters enter the digestive tract, causing harm to the system.

Grapes- this can be tempting because humans view these fruits as healthy, but they are not good for dogs. Grapes contain a toxin that can damage canine kidneys or cause them to fail. Raisins are dried grapes, so these should also not be fed to dogs.

Pork- though the dog may love it, this food is not good for its digestive tract. Dogs who have consumed pork frequently develop diarrhea, a sure sign that the food is not sitting well.

Mushrooms- these have toxins in them that can put a dog into a coma and may even cause death.

Milk (as well as milk-based products)- the lactose enzyme is needed to digest milk and dogs do not have enough of this enzyme. Dogs love ice cream, but owners should resist the urge and instead purchase frozen treats sold especially for dogs.

Onions & Garlic- they both contain ingredients that can affect the dog’s red blood cells. Eaten in large quantities, these items can cause the dog to become anemic.

High sugar and processed foods- dogs cannot digest these well, so they should not have them. Foods containing artificial fats and sweeteners are also harmful to canines.

Foods that are spicy or rich- these can harm a dog’s stomach. A dog does not need additional spices or other added ingredients in order to enjoy its food.

Spoiled foods- do not use the dog as a trash compactor. If the item is not able to be consumed by humans and is headed for the trash, that is where it should go. Dogs can no more tolerate rotten foods than can humans.

So there it is, 10 foods you should never give your dog without expecting the pooch to become ill or develop a serious health condition. Some of these foods are more harmful than others to dogs, but each should be avoided. Doing so will save unnecessary trips to the vet and the guilt of knowing that the reason the dog is ill is because of the humans in its life.

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To Sit Or to Board? That is the Question!

By Hank Lewis

Planning vacations is stressful for everyone but it might be even harder on your pets. This makes the most important decision making even more difficult. Is it better to hire a pet sitter? Or should you board your pet? That all depends on your pet!

Here in Frisco, there are many different pet sitters and pet boarding facilities to choose from. How should you decide what’s the best choice for your pet? Here are some factors to take into consideration before making that decision.

Activity Level

You should take your pet’s activity level into consideration. Is your dog a ball of energy who loves to run, play with other dogs and seems to never slow down? Or is he happier with a comfy couch to lie on, a tasty bone and the TV tuned to Animal Planet? If your dog wants to constantly go and loves the extra exercise and canine interaction, boarding him may be a great option. This will allow him to have lots of playtime and will eliminate chances of him getting bored at home and destroying the house. Your lazier dog may not even notice that you’re away and would do great with a pet sitter coming to visit for some love, playtime, potty breaks and feeding. Boarding your lazier dog may even stress him out.


A pet’s age may also play a large part in the decision process. If you have a puppy that is new to the family and not yet adjusted to the house, leaving him alone in the house may traumatize him and imprint destructive behaviors that could be have been avoided if you were home. Boarding him will allow for socialization as well as routine potty breaks to further housetrain him. An adult dog that is used to his home, his surroundings, his sounds and smells may do better with a pet sitter visiting the house. This allows him to stay at home with all of his toys and familiar surroundings as well as no added stress of being somewhere new and unknown.

Sleeping Arrangements

Many of us worry about our pets sleeping alone. And many of think that there is no one we can hire to sleep with our pets except family. There are many pet sitters in Frisco TX that offer overnight pet sitting where the pet sitter stays at your home and acts as a surrogate cuddle-buddy every night for your pets. Some pet sitters even offer overnight pet care in their home as well if you’re not sure your pet can be alone in the house at night.

You Know Your Pet Best

No one knows your pet better than you do. If you’re worried about him staying alone for hours on end, boarding may be the best option. If you’re worried that he’ll hate being in a cage while you’re away, having a pet sitter may be the better fit. You need to decide which is going to make you feel more at ease while you’re away. And remember, your pet trusts you to make the best decision for him!

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