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Simple Steps to Ensuring Pet Safety at Home

By Kathryn Lively

Those of us with children will do anything to keep them safe at school and at home, so it should make sense that we want the same thing for our four-footed friends. Dogs, especially, are curious and tend to get into things, so it’s important to make sure your home is safe for the entire family. This includes the family dog, cat, or other winged or multi-footed creature in the house. Making simple changes to your home and lifestyle, though, can guarantee a safe existence for your dog, cat, or other winged or multi-footed creature in your home.

That said, here are a few guidelines to consider when planning home safety for pets. Make sure the kids know what to do as well. Everybody should look after each other.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

When we see something, we may tend to make a grab for it. This goes for pets as well. If a dog sees a bit of food dropped on the kitchen floor, you can bet he’s going to lap it up before you get a chance to clean.

If you’re eating chocolate, you definitely don’t want to leave any out where a dog can get to it. You should be very mindful of food that is left out – it needs to be out of reach or, even better, put away when you’re not eating.

What then, you may ask, do you do about garbage? A dog or cat may see you scraping leftovers into a bin and make a dive for it later. You may want to keep kitchen garbage in a can with a lid a pet can’t easily nose open, or else keep all garbage in cupboard space underneath the sink. If you collect small plastic bags from the grocery store, use them to secure food that’s bad for pets and double-knot the handles.

A Pet Proof Bathroom

If you do not want your pet dipping into the toilet bowl for a drink (to be sure the commode is not exactly the cleanest source for water), make sure everybody keeps the lid down at all times. In doing this, though, you should always check that your pet has a handy source for getting water when he/she is alone. Condition your pet to go to its bowl for water.

If you take medication, it can definitely be harmful to pets if swallowed. Never leave a pill out in the open – this includes vitamins and supplements – where a pet can easily jump or stretch upward to nab it. Keep all medication bottles in a medicine chest or shelf, and use child-proof lids to protect your prescriptions.

Know the Boundaries

You wouldn’t set a toddler free outside where he could run out into the street, would you? The same goes for a dog or cat. When it’s time to go outside, your pet may be so excited that he’ll bound away once the door opens. You need to set firmly with your pet that he/she stays close to you when leaving the house. That way you can gauge traffic and other conditions so you pet isn’t hurt.

When your home becomes a safe environment for your pets, your dog or cat will enjoy a long life in a happy house. Keep an eye on them, and on everything that poses a danger to them.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on pet supplies and dog supplies.

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Looking for a Pet Tracking Device?

By Matthew Langlois

There is no doubt that pets are family. One of the major selling points for GPS pet tracking devices is that pets are family members too and you would want to be able to locate a family member if they happened to get lost. Many Pet owners are often so attached to their pets that they feel the animal is almost as important as one of their children or siblings. The very idea of the animal becoming lost and not returning home upsets them so much the pet owner looks for way to monitor or keep track of their pet.

Another form of pet tracking is a microchip, which a veterinarian will inject into the pet this microchip contains information like the pet owner’s name and address and any illnesses the pet has. There can be other information placed on this chip on a need to know basis. All this information actually can be found by the pet’s registration number, which is found on the tracking chip being run through the pet registry. This does nothing in helping one find their pet. The pet must be found then brought to a veterinarians office and scan the microchip. Only then can they determine where the dog is from and to whom it belongs.

Cats, dogs, ferrets and any animal you can keep a collar on can be tracked by using a pet tracking collar, however you can place the GPS tracking device in other areas if you can get it to stay attached. There are also harnesses available that can contain the GPS device.

GPS pet tracking devices come in all shapes and sizes and have recently begun to get smaller and smaller. The more portable the device is the easier it is to use to locate the lost pet and get it home safely.

Some of these pet tracking devices actually connect through a cellular phone to show the location of the pet. This means that the pet owner has to be within range of a cellular phone tower to use these devices. One advantage to this is that you can be on the other side of the world and know where your pet is at any given time.

Another type of GPS pet tracking equipment uses radio waves and signals to locate the lost pet. These devices are generally more expensive and only cover up to about a mile in distance between the owner and lost pet. The benefits behind these particular pet trackers are that there is no other expense once they are purchased and you don’t have to worry about having a phone signal or internet signal to track down your lost animal. They have a nice LCD screen that gives the pet owner a large array of information such as the distance between the pet and the owner, where the pet is located, which way the pet is going, and some even have compasses so that you know which direction you are going in.

There are also GPS tracking devices that use a web interface to locate the lost pet. The downside to these are unless you are able to use your cell phone or laptop computers you are pretty much going to need two people to carry out the search.

In order to keep peace of mind and to keep your pet safe, purchasing one of these devices is an excellent idea for every pet owner. Animals depend on their owners to look out for them and keep them safe from harm even though they do love the freedom of running throughout the neighborhood. All dogs, cats and any animal that can wear a collar definitely should have one of these types of GPS pet tracking devices just in case they wander to far from home one day.

For more info and products, visit

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Dog Safety – Keeping Dogs Secure in a Car

By Debbie McKay

Using a car harness for your dog will make journeys a safer experience – for both you and your dog. It helps drivers to concentrate on driving, minimising distraction and increasing visibility by keeping your dog under control in the car.

Here are just a few reasons why you should use a dog car harness.

  • To control a lively or nervous dog in the car
  • Prevent the dog from distracting or interfering with the driver
  • Prevent the dog from escaping through a window or open car door
  • Protect the dog from injuring itself and passengers in case of an accident or heavy braking

It’s advisable for your dog to always travel on the rear seats of your car, as many modern cars now have safety bags for both front passengers and drivers. These are not designed with dogs in mind! But the main reason is for driver safety and to minimise distractions!

Are you legally required to use a car restraint for your dog in the UK?

The short answer is no, but perhaps it should be! The Highway Code only recommends that you use a car harness for your dog, or a pet carrier, cage or car guard. However, the police could still charge you with not having full control over your motor vehicle.

The grim truth is that if involved in a car crash an unsecured dog of average weight, say 20 kg, travelling at just 30 mph, would project the same force as an un-belted small child. This will cause passengers serious or life threatening injuries. So is it really worth the risk?

What kind of dog harness should I choose?

Under heavy braking or in an accident your dogs weight is absorbed across the shoulders so for large dogs, it is important to choose a car harness which has a padded chest piece. Extra small dogs do not require this extra padding.

For the comfort of your dog, it is best to choose a harness which is fully adjustable with quick fastening click buckles and which will allow your dog freedom to sit, turn around or lie down on the seat. A swivel mechanism stops the car harness for becoming entangled, whilst giving your dog sufficient freedom to move.

If you only intend to walk your dog short distances, you can simply attach a lead to the car harness. This will allow you to move your dog safely in or out of the car easily. However, if you want to use the harness for obedience training or long country walks it’s advisable to purchase a separate dog harness.

It is important to measure your dog before purchasing a car harness, as breed sizes vary. Also, you will often find the gender of your dog will affect the size of the safety car harness you select.

Hi-Craft Harness for Dogs

The Hi-Craft Car Dog Harness is made from light-weight nylon for strength and durability and is currently available in five sizes – X Small, Small, Medium, Large, X Large. So there is sure to be one that is a perfect fit for your dog.

The Hi-Craft Dog Car Harness is fully adjustable with quick fastening click buckles. The swivel mechanism stops the harness from becoming entangled, whilst giving your dog sufficient freedom to move in the car with ease or without stress.

Debbie McKay writes for – providing help and advice to all pet owners. Specialists in dog safety, including the Hi-Craft Dog Car Harness, dog food, cat food plus supplies for small animals, fish, reptiles and birds. Browse for more information on discount pet supplies and accessories.

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Outdoor Dog Gear for Your Active Pet

By Lisa A Mason

Do you live a very active life? Is hiking and boating some of your favorite activities? Does your dog like to tag along with you? If you answered yes to these questions, then you need outdoor dog gear for your active pet. Taking your pet along for these activities is a lot of fun.

Dogs can be very entertaining and doing these things together can help build that bond between you and your pet. Here are a couple of items that can help keep your pet safer and make your trips more enjoyable.

Life Jackets

If you spend a lot of time around water, get your dog a life jacket. Dog life jackets are perfect for pets that enjoy riding along on the boat or playing in the ocean. The life jacket will help keep him safe anytime he’s in and around water.

Not all dogs are great swimmers, especially in rough waters. If you take your dog with you fishing, boating or to the beach, you won’t have to worry about her struggling in the water especially if the currents are strong. Anytime you’re around water, there is the possibility of an accident. For example, your pet could fall off the boat or be swept away by a strong current. A life jacket will help keep her afloat in any situation whether she’s just having fun or if an emergency occurs.

Life jackets are perfect for elderly dogs or those with arthritis or joint problems. Swimming can help dogs get the exercise they need without putting added stress on their joints and a life jacket will make it easier for him to swim.

There are several different types of dog life jackets available suited for different breeds and types of water. Some are made with mesh under the belly so the water will drain quickly and the life jacket will dry faster. Some are designed with reflective strips to make your pet more visible and others have added buoyancy for rough water like what you’ll find at the beach.

Dog Backpacks

Outdoor dog gear also includes dog backpacks. These are great for hikers, hunters, campers and they even come in handy for a trip to the park. Your dog needs supplies just like you do. She’ll need food, water, treats and toys so why not let her carry her own supplies. The extra space will make things a lot easier for you.

The saddlebag design distributes the weight evenly so it won’t put too much weight on your pet’s back. This makes them more comfortable and prevents strains. They have storage pouches where you can keep things separated so you can find what you need fast and easy. Most all dog backpacks have adjustable straps for a snug fit and reflective trim to keep him safer.

Most dogs don’t mind wearing a backpack. They can sense they’re doing something good and it makes them feel needed. However, you may need to go on short trips at first until he gets used to it. Outdoor dog gear makes it easier for your active pet to get the exercise needed to stay healthy, fit and safe.

Doggie Clothesline has a wide variety of outdoor dog gear for any size dog.

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Dog Car Seats – Why You Need Them

By Mich Ching

Dogs are great companions, entertainers and friends. They love to go everywhere with their masters, whether just for a walk along the park or a drive around the city. We all know how our four-legged furry friends love to ride cars. You might think that it’s fun to see your dogs happily sticking their heads and tongues outside the car window. But did you know that this situation, as cute as it may seem, could cause them some serious trouble? Without proper seating and security, you are risking not only your precious pet’s life but your life as well.

Dogs are highly curious and playful creatures in nature. They love to run around and inspect anything that captures their interest. However, a dog playing and jumping around the car could put you and your dog’s life in a very dangerous situation. It could distract the person driving the car, or worse, block the view which could result in a fatal accident. This is one of the reasons why having a dog car seat in your vehicle is a must when traveling with your pets.

Dog car seats come in different sizes and designs. Small dogs typically require small seats, but these days, there are dog car seats which are specially designed for small dog breeds so that they can see the view outside the window. Nevertheless, whether your dog is a Miniature Dachshund or a Rottweiler, you definitely have to measure your dog and get them a seat that fits them well. If the dog car seat is poorly fitted, it will be uncomfortable for your dog and could cause them to wander around the car instead – which is exactly what we are trying to avoid in the first place.

Just like any trick, you need to take some time and effort to train your dog. They need to be trained on how to sit and stay still on their dog car seat while on the road. It could be quite challenging and could take quite some time for them to learn, just like potty training, but in the end, it’s definitely worth it. Once they are trained well, you could drive smoothly without having to constantly look after your dog.

It is your responsibility as a dog owner to keep your pet safe and comfortable at all times. Your dog’s life is precious so you must not hesitate to make extra effort to ensure your dog’s safety. So on your next road trip with your four-legged furry friend, consider getting a dog car seat.

Shop for dog car seats and dog car harness at Pet’s World Online. Save big on your dog car seat here.

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Dog Life Vest: Dog Essentials

By Lovette Matas

Any pet owners would want the best for their pets so if you have a pet, particularly a dog you should know the items you can get to provide your dog comfort as well as ensure that he is safe. A dog life preserver and safety harness are a must have for any person who has a dog as these items will help you keep your dog protected. There are different dog life preservers and harnesses that you can make use of depending on the type of activity you are planning to do together with your pet.

Swimming and Sailing

When you are on the water, whether it is a lake or the ocean, you should always take precautions. Playing in the water can be fun for you and your dog but there are dangers that can happen anytime. Thus it is practical for you to provide your dog with a safety vest. Getting one is not a problem because you can get various dog life vest sizes that would fit your dog.

Dogs of all ages can make use of dog life vest. Young dogs that love to swim may not be aware of some of the dangers involved on sailing vessels. On the other hand, older dogs can have problems with moving around due to old age hence letting them use a dog vest can help a lot.


Walking your dog may seem safe but without the right equipment you can also put the life of your dog in danger. A simple walk through the park can be disastrous especially if your dog is very active and loves to run around. He can accidentally run towards the street and get hit by a car. This event can be prevented with the use of a dog harness to prevent your dog from wandering in unsafe places.


Dog fatalities can be avoided during driving accidents with the right equipment such as a dog car seat and a harness for your dog. In an event that you get involve in an accident, a harness can prevent your dog from being thrown around inside of the vehicle, causing injury both to itself and you.

Having an unrestrained dog inside the car can also be dangerous because he can move around and can distract the driver which can possibly lead to an accident.

Always consider the safety of your family and your pets and with an investment in a dog life vest or harness, you can be assured that your pets get to enjoy the family outings as much as the rest of the family do.

Lovette, a senior researcher and writer has scoured the net to find the most relevant information on the topic of dog life jackets of various sizes and styles.

For a comprehensive, easy to understand guide to dog safety gear, visit to find the best products at the best prices.

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Dog Safety – Keeping Dogs Secure While Traveling

By Deb M

I was driving down the highway the other day when I saw a woman driving with her small dog in her arms and pressing to reach out the window. It was obvious that she was distracted with the dog’s active behavior. This is a very dangerous way to drive as it causes you the driver the distraction of containing your dog. Using a dog car seat provides a safer alternative for you and your dog.

Statistics show that distractions are a growing cause of accidents when driving a vehicle. There are the common distractions of eating, changing the radio station, talking on the phone or texting but having a pet in the car (that is not in a dog car seat) with you can bring on unexpected distractions. From the sudden bark that is startling enough to cause you to look away from driving to see what is causing the ruckus, to your dog climbing over you to get to the window or sitting in your lap and wanting your attention.

These distractions however short they may be take you away from keeping your eyes and attention on the road. Think about it, how many times have you looked away from the road to change the radio station only to look up and see that the car in front of you has hit the brakes and you are now slamming on your brakes to avoid hitting them? We all do it and we don’t think about it one bit until something happens.

Don’t take the risk with your dog. If you were to be involved in an accident and your dog is in your lap, do you realize that your beloved dog could be killed or seriously injured by the airbag deploying? Even if your pet is in the passenger seat or back seat, he could be thrown from the car or thrown around in the car and getting hurt or hurting you. It is unnecessary to take the chance when using a dog car seat is such a simple solution.

A dog booster car seat can be in the front seat of the car attaching to the console or passenger seat or it can be secured in the back seat with the seat belt. Any of these options would be better than letting your dog loose in the car to cause distraction. The majority of dog booster (car) seats have a strap that connects to your dog’s harness and keeps your dog safe and secure while giving them the ability to see out the window. Your dog is happy and you are able to concentrate on your driving.

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Are You Accidentally Killing Your Animal Companion?

By Ann M Stewart

The ASPCA released their report on the top 10 toxins for pets in 2010. Pet owners are conscious of some of the items, but not all; here’s what was in the list:

Human Medications
People Food
Veterinary Medications
Household Toxins
Outdoor toxins

While the medicines are items most pet owners are at least conscious of, some are not so obvious. We often don’t think of human food, chocolate, and plants as threats to our companions. More often than not, these are problems when your companion is left home while you go to work or are on a trip.

Avoiding the Preventable

If you work long hours, making sure your dog has plenty of attention and exercise is imperative. One way of doing this is enrolling your dog in a doggie daycare program. Try finding someplace that watches your dog, has plenty of space for group play, and separates the more timid dogs from the larger ones.

When you’re traveling, instead of paying for your neighbor to come over and feed your pet, try boarding your pet at a boarding kennel where the staff will actually provide attention to your dog instead of just putting them in a cage until you return. You want to make sure your dog is still getting exercise and attention while you’re traveling. If you have a cat, look for a kitty condo facility that keeps your feline friend away from the pesky dogs.

Boarding your pet makes sure they aren’t going to have access to potentially hazardous items they may find due to boredom while you’re gone. When you compare prices to bringing a “pet sitter” over, it’s a no contest that a proper boarding house is better for your dog or cat. Stay safe, be aware for your dog, who aren’t aware for themselves, and have a long, safe companionship.

Owner of Advantage Pet Center, Ann Stewart has the pleasure of working with dogs, cats, lizards, and guinea pigs, just to name a few, by offering doggie daycare, cat and dog grooming, and pet boarding for all varieties of pets. Ann is continually looking for ways to help the owners of these animals maintain a happy home for the entire family.

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See Your Pet in the Dark

By Renee Grasso

Have you ever been driving your car at night and think you see something off on the side of the road but are not sure if there is something or someone there until you are almost upon them? It’s scary when you realize it’s a person walking a dog after dark. It should be scary not only for the driver but for the walker as well. Sometimes the walkers are carrying a flashlight but usually something more is needed for traffic visibility. There are inexpensive but essential items available that every pet owner should consider not only for their pet’s safety but for the safety of the pet walker. The Pet Blinker is one of them.

The steel hook clip of a Pet Blinker can be easily attached to collars, leads and harnesses. Pet Blinkers are water resistant and their bright blinking light is visible for up to 1/2 mile They operate on 3 AG3 batteries which come installed in each blinker Some packages have a bonus of three additional replacement batteries, but packages of 12 replacement batteries are readily available

The newest version of the Pet Blinker has a push button on/off switch on the side of the barrel. Simply push the button on when you are putting out the dog or getting ready for a walk and the light will start flashing. The original twist on/off blinkers remain available on request. The new Pet Blinkers come in a small/med breed variety with a smaller clip or a large breed variety with a larger clip. The light is the same on both the small/med and large breed pet blinker and are available in six vibrant color combinations: Red/White/Blue, Jade/Pink, Jade/Yellow, Blue/Yellow, Red/White & Blue/White.

Many pet owners identify their dogs left out in their fenced in yards by the colors flashing. A glance out the window shows exactly where in they yard the dog is located. People even use these blinkers to clip onto a shirt, shoes, or a jacket for greater visibility when out walking or onto a child’s backpack or book bag for more visibility while waiting for the school bus.

Devices like the pet blinker Illuminate your pet and yourself so others can see you and your pet in the dark.

Be Safe Plus LLC is an e-commerce website that specializes in safety, sports therapy, wellness and exercise solutions. including innovative safety products for pets.

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Common Canine Poisons in Our Homes

By Kelly Marshall

Curiosity killed the cat and it may well also kill your pet dog. Dogs have an innate sense of adventure in testing and tasting the things in and around the house, which often lands them in trouble. We are not just talking about trouble from you as their owner but, more worrisome, health troubles upon the ingestion of potentially toxic substances where canine bodies are concerned.

Most dog owners think that it is only chocolate that must be kept away from the mouths and paws of dogs. But you will be surprised and alarmed to know that even the seemingly harmless substances and things can actually cause your pet dog’s death. So, before anything happens to your beloved Lassie, take immediate action.

Danger around the Corner

Look around your home, garden and yard. You will be surprised at the many possible dangers lying in wait for your pet dog, which include the following common things in human life:

• Antifreeze, brake fluids and engine coolants contain ethylene glycol, which is toxic even at small concentrations of 3 ounces. Effects of ingestion include severe damage to the liver, kidneys and brain.

• Rat poison and other rodent killers inhibit blood clotting in dogs, thus, leading to severe internal hemorrhages. Plasma transfusion within the next few hours is essential to counteract the effects of the substances lest death results.

• Fertilizers, even those that have apparently been absorbed by the soil, can result in adverse side effects like faster pulse rate, blood pressure changes and breathing difficulties.

• Insecticides are also toxic substances for dogs with symptoms like lethargy, vomiting and diarrhea. Activated charcoal can ease the symptoms but the dog must still be checked over by a veterinarian.

• Certain plants like English ivy, lilies, daffodils and holly may look good in our eyes but are – excuse the French – hell on a dog’s stomach and coat.

Ask the veterinarian about other substances that can cause side effects on your dog’s particular breed. This way, you can take the necessary measures to protect your pet dog from ingestion and exposure to these substances.

Safety Measure to Adopt in All Corners

Now that you know the most common items around the house with toxic consequences on your pet dog, your next step is to ensure that these things are beyond their reach. Or preferably, absent from your house. You will have greater peace of mind because your dog has lower risks for getting into trouble on the health front.

• Keep all toxic substances like the antifreeze, brake fluids and engine coolants as well as fertilizers and insecticides out of the dog’s reach. Lock up these substances in drawers and shelves, which will also benefit your children’s safety as well.

• Wipe up any possible drippings of the abovementioned substances. For example, if the antifreeze drips from the car’s radiator, wipe it off the floor before the dog laps it up like milk.

• Try to lessen the plants inside the house that may have adverse effects on your dog’s health.

It is in your hands whether your dog lives to be a hundred in dog years or die a hundred deaths in a day because you took the necessary measures to keep poisons out of its way.

Kelly Marshall is a well-known author for – the online superstore for puzzle dog toys, dog clothes, and more high-end dog gear you won’t find at your local pet store.

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