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Dogs Not Allowed in House?

We have two dogs and three cats and they are truly loved and pampered and have the run of the house and yard. They are small dogs that can go out to the toilet when they feel the urge and the cats use kitty litter.

Our next door neighbour had two dogs but recently the elderly dog died and their remaining dog is a big black Labrador about four years old called Bella. I felt sorry her as we have a hole in the fence and she used to sit and  just watch from her small yard. She’d see me taking the dogs for two walks a day seven days a week and come with use for drives to the park or beach.

I started giving her treats through the fence with her owner’s approval. They are a lovely family with two young kids and your every day family that keeps the dog outside and try to take her for a daily walk.

They went away for a weekend and asked if we could feed her. Well I have truly started something here. She spent a full 48 hours with us and slept over on the lounge! She has started coming for the two walks and is slowly getting more used to being restrained on the leash..

Now she stays here during the day until her family gets home and then goes to sleep there at night. As you can imagine she seems so much happier!




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Darlington (Sydney) – Dogs in Short Term Foster Care Need Walking. Can you Help?

Do you live near Darlington in Sydney and love dogs? Two dogs are currently in foster care as their owner is unwell. The foster carer could do with some help dog walking. Can you or someone you know help?

The dogs’ owner was admitted to hospital in Melbourne and the dogs have been flown to Sydney where foster care has been provided through the organisation Paws and Recover with a carer in Darlington.

The dogs names’ are Max and Shep -Max is a  male seven year-old Border Collie and Shep is a 12 year-old Kelpie Cross.

If anybody is available to assist in walking them, that would be appreciated. Max retrieves the ball, and both walk well on a lead. Please contact:

Jacki 0401 925737 from Paws and Recover


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Dog Games and Puzzles – A Fun Way to Exercise Your Dog

By Sarah Glassford

We all lead busy lives these days and as much as we’d like to spend two hours a day walking our dogs sometimes it is just not possible. Providing mental stimulation for your dog in addition to a daily outing is a great way to keep them healthy both mentally and physically. Research has shown that 15 minutes of challenging mental stimulation for a dog is like going for a one hour walk.

There are a range of games you can play with your dog that will provide them with the mental stimulation and challenge they need. There are behaviour benefits from keeping your dog entertained in a positive way as well. So if you are walking your dog each day and challenging your pet with games and puzzles, you are less likely to have a dog that is going to chew, dig holes, bark unnecessarily and be naughty.

These days there are many interesting and fun dog puzzles and games available that will provide your dog with hours of fun and entertainment. Look for a game or puzzle that allows you to reward your dog as they play. The better ones will allow you to hide food or treats within chambers or sections of the puzzle that your dog then needs to find. The aim of the game is for your dog to hunt and find the food or treats in the puzzle.

Some games offer even more of a challenge with “locks” or other mechanisms that mean your dog has to work their way through the different challenge “levels” to get their reward. Most games or puzzles you can buy from the pet shop also come with a challenge rating – so if you’re worried your dog will find them too hard then start off with one of the easier ones. Once they’ve worked out the easy one you can upgrade to a harder model and start the fun all over again. It’s a good idea to rotate the games as well as this keeps it interesting and your dog will have to work it out all over again.

Think about the food or treats you hide in the puzzle game as well. A treat that smells really, really good is going to keep your dog interested for much longer than say a piece of dry dog kibble. Try out the different jerky treats available to find one that motivates your dog the most. Tuna jerky is a strong smelling reward that is bound to tempt the fussiest of dogs.

Games are also a great way to bond with your pet. Imagine the fun you can have watching your dog find the treats and get their reward. It’s a fun time for them and they’ll associate that with being with you.

Sarah Glassford is the owner of Pets Unleashed – a pet store that specialises in providing quality,healthy and fun pet products that people and their pets actually need. Pets Unleashed stocks a range of puzzles and games for dogs. Take a look at the Nina Ottoson range of dog games – bound to challenge even the smartest of dogs.
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