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Susanne BARK helps BARC!

Born with the surname Bark, it’s no wonder that Swedish-born Susanne Bark has always had an affinity with dogs. This passionate dog loving Coffs Habour resident owns and operates a dog training business

While Susanne is heavily involved in the dog community locally, it was while watching Channel 10’s The Project that her work with and love of dogs took a different turn.

The segment that made this impact on Susanne was about the lives of suffering and neglected dogs in Bali – and how an organisation called Bali (dog) Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre (BARC) is changing their worlds!

“The segment highlighted the plight of these dogs and how BARC has been making such a difference”, Susanne said. “The program focussed on how BARC was being evicted from their rented premises with their long-term lease not being renewed. The small BARC Bali team (led by expat Australian artist Linda Buller) are trying to build Bali’s first ever dog sanctuary and all animals need to be relocated by October!”, Susanne said.

BARC also help cats who are regarded in higher esteem than dogs, four monkeys and a pig – any animal in need in fact.

“Dogs give us so many gifts on a daily basis by just being a part of our lives and helping the Bali Adoption Rehabilitation Centre simply gives me the opportunity to give something back. If I help a dog in Coffs Harbour or Bali it is still a dog no matter where they live,” said Susanne.

Susanne has become a key volunteer with BARC and is part of the NSW committee.

“BARC desperately need donations. Through a massive fundraising campaign BARC now own land and we have just raised the funds for fencing. We need money for dog houses, play areas, an onsite clinic and generally the infrastructure. We also need volunteer tradespeople (BARC will provide free accommodation in return),” Susanne said.

Four local Pacific Vetcare Clinics have been kind enough to accept donation tins should you like to drop off your spare change. They are at Coramba, Woolgoolga, Harbour Drive which is in Coffs Harbour and Toormina”, Susanne said.

“Additionally, people can drop off donations for the BARC opportunity shop based in Bali to the Pacific Vetcare Clinic at 152 Sawtell Road, Toormina or medical supplies and I can post items to Bali for them”, Susanne said.

People can contact me with enquiries via my website or visit directly.


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PERTHlings – Kath and Kimderalla Movie Night with Proceeds Going to Bali Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre (BARC)

When Mindarie resident, Lisa Bailey, travelled to Bali earlier this year she saw an image that would forever change her world. On holiday to celebrate her step-daughter’s 21st along with her husband this image has inspired Lisa to organise her first charity fundraiser – for Bali (Dog) Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre (BARC).

“As usual I was on my solo shopping in upmarket Seminyak and I was shocked to see a dog crawling along the main street dragging his back legs behind, ignored by passers-by. The dog had clearly been hit by a car at some stage. I tried to follow the dog, in tears, to see if I could find out if it had an owner, but I was chased out of an alley by two big black dog bouncers! “, Lisa said.
“I went back for the next two days looking for the injured dog but couldn’t find him. Some local shop keepers told me that the dog had been injured some time ago and had an owner and was “OK”! I called a friend who had just moved to Bali from Perth, and she told me about BARC in Ubud”, Lisa said.

“I had seen the I LOVE BALI DOGS stickers around but didn’t realise it was a refuge. So when I returned home I looked them up on the internet and immediately fell in love with the organisation, in particular the angels that have dedicated their lives to looking after these dogs in Bali. BARC are truly making a difference to suffering neglected dogs (and cats, four monkeys and a pig)”, said Lisa.

“I discovered BARC was being evicted from their rented premises with their long-term lease not being renewed. The small BARC Bali team (led by expat Australian artist Linda Buller) are trying to build Bali’s first ever sanctuary and all animals need to be relocated by October!”, Lisa said.

“I adopted my best friend, “Trudy”, from a Perth refuge nine years ago and I have have always been a dog lover since my parents brought home our first little puppy when I was a toddler”, said Lisa.

Lisa has become a key volunteer with BARC and along with the generosity of her printing company, Quick Colour Print, creating and donating BARC merchandise, Lisa is now organising a fundraising movie night in Subiaco.


Wednesday 12th September 2012 at Ace Cinemas in Subiaco,

500 Hay Street, Subiaco, WA 6008

Pre-movie function from 5.30pm. Kath & Kimderella movie starts at 6.30pm

$35 ticket price includes movie, finger food and one beer, wine, bubbles or soft drink on arrival and a warm fuzzy feeling. All proceeds go to BARC

Be early to join us for pre-movie drinks in the lower foyer.

This is a licensed event, 18+ only.
30 cents booking fee per ticket.

Book your ticket at

If you would like to volunteer at the event please call Lisa on 08 9321 9101



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Why I Volunteer with the Bali Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre

On the horizon today as a volunteer for the Bali Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre (BARC) are a few thingsI can share.

First off I got a Facebook alert which I need to share far and wide to say that BARC have run out of Divetelact. With 45 puppies under seven weeks old and 13 kittens, they are in desperate need of more of this powdered miracle in a can! This can be purchased in 900gram – 20kg cans. If you or someone you know is heading over to Ubud in the coming weeks, this is #1 on the wish list! ?

My background has been in public relations and I have retired from work now due toa  health issue.

This means that I can dedicate all of my time to animal welfare. I think it was Tony Robbins that once asked something like  – “if you won mega amounts of money and you had bought everything material you wanted and travelled all you wished – how would you spend your time?”  To me that answer was always simple – my passion is animals and so I am now living my passion.

I suppose what gets to me about the BARC cause is that they have so few helpers and that has been what has drawn me to help them – that along with the fabulous work they are doing for cats and dogs in Bali.They are truly a dedicated bunch!

Expat Australian artist Linda Buller started the charity after living in Ubud and seeing first hand what was happening to the dogs and cats – or what wasn’t happening. She could not create her artworks while witnessing all the suffering.

Ebony from Queensland saw what Linda was doing while visiting Bali so she left her Queensland home to go and help and she now lives and works at BARC.

This is a 24 hour a day full-time committment as opposed to a 9-5 job. When you have baby kittens and puppies they have to be fed and cared for each few hours. I think that’s what people forget and this is shared by the small team. They also work with a fabulous vet called Madi.

Then a few years ago Virgin flight attendant Amber was travelling back and forth to Bali for work. She too was moved by what was happening to the neglected strays of Bali so she searched the web and made contact with Linda. That was it – Amber would spend most of her days off in Bali helping the animals and returning to Melbourne she would do all she could to further the cause in Australia – to alert people to the dire plight of these dogs and cats. Recently Amber has given up her job, moved to Bali and helps full-time with BARC. I think once you experience the wonderful work that BARC do it’s hard to turn a bling eye.

Prue has recently moved to Bali and is now also volunteering so much with BARC. Prue is doing amazing work – she is a designed so has changed the look of the BARC website and Facebook page. She is also now a key contact when you need info from Bali.

Amber’s sister Tara came on board after she discovered the situation and while based in Melbourne, Tara has been managing all the animal sponsorships along with other admin-type tasks.

After the BARC plight was featured on Channel 10′s The Project, we have formed a committee of Australian volunteers plus some major supporters ftrom Holland have joined. Together we are on a mission to raise awareness and raise funds.

The thing is in Australia people generally have a love of animals and while it is uncommon to see a stray dog, stray cats area different story.

There are many individuals that look after stray cat colonies and many dedicated cat welfare groups. We are better off financially than the Indonesians. $1 Australian dollar in Bali can do so much for an animal whereas in Australia it will barely buy you a tin of food.

I think what I am trying to say is that I feel I have to help the small group in Bali. They are so busy doing the hands on work that they need people to help raise funds and awareness.

Stay tuned for more of an insight into the work of a volunteer with BARC.


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BARC is Building Bali’s First Dog and Cat Sanctuary

The truth is there are 140 dogs, 40 cats, four monkeys and pig being cared for by the Bali Adoption and Rebailitation Centren (BARC).

I have become heavily involved after a trip two years ago to Bali.

When we saw the state of the dogs on the streets we searched for the BARC refuge and took a trip to Ubud in the Balinese hills. I say “dogs” because we really didn’t see any cats on that trip. Apparently cats are held in much higher regard than dogs and are very popular. For instance if someone were to run over a cat they would stop.. Dogs on the other hand are thought of as bad spirits and have to often fend for themselves.

Less than a year ago we heard the news that BARC were being evicted from the rental premises where the dogs and cats are sheltered. They had been there for years but the owners did not want to renew the lease.

So it’s been a mad rush for BARC  to raise the funds needed to buy land and to create the infrastructure necessary to be able to relocate all of the animals to this sanctuary.

It’s called a sanctuary because it will be a forver home to animals that cannot be rehomed. This may be because of behavioural issues or they may require life-long medical attention. This is a place that will not let them down like they’d been let down in the past.

BARC have now purchased the land and there is a huge fundraising drive to build what is needed – the fence, cat pens, dog beds, a play area, onsite clinic, etc.

The first campaign to raise funds for the fencing was a success – next BARC will raise funds for the housing and shelter of the pets.

Stay tuned and I will share the journey of being a volunteer working from Australia with many other dedicated volunteers around the country. We figure if Australians can’t help our Balinese neighbours then who can?


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