Miniature French Bulldogs

By David Urmann

Mini French bulldogs are indoor, non-sport pets. They weigh from 18 to 28 pounds. Their body is about 12 inches wide and 11 to 13 inches in height. They are referred to as frenchie, frogdog or Bouledogue Francais.

The usual colors of these dogs are brindle, white, fawn and a mixture of white and brindle. Their coats are normally short, smooth, close and finely textured. Their lifespan is 10-13 years.

Uniquely, they have a skull which can be level or flat with a domed appearance in between the ears, over the eyes up to the forehead. It is amazing to note that they possess bat ears. The ears are rounded and erect. All these distinctive features add up to the seemingly loving characteristics of these dogs.

Mini French bulldogs may also have short, straight or coiled tails. They have a muscular built and solid bone structures.

These dogs have characteristics that attract them to people. First, they are very intelligent and curious. They are active and alert, making them good watchdogs. They are very playful, clownish, loving and sweet.

Most mini French bulldogs easily suffer from respiratory sickness because they have short noses. The obese can easily get snoring and breathing troubles. Thus it is important to keep their weight in no more than 28 pounds. They are prone to heat strokes when not properly sheltered.

More serious health problems include Stenotic nares, elongated soft palate, and intervertebral disc deterioration. The female breed finds it difficult to give birth, often resulting to caesarian operations.

Keep them dogs in cool, moderate climate conditions to prevent from acquiring such sicknesses. When placed in such shelter, they are easy to take care. Proper care includes regular brushing.

This breed originated in France in the middle 1800. Later on the breed was developed jointly by British and Americans. It is a cross of a miniature toy bulldog and a French terrier. It first became popular in London, Nottingham, Birmingham and Sheffield during the 1980′s. Today hybrids include Frengle (French Bulldog and Beagle) and Free-Lance (French and English bulldogs).

For pet lovers who wish to own a miniature French Bulldog, study this breed carefully to be able give them the utmost care. Be familiar of their health conditions. Their leading cause of death is from breathing impairments. They have a low tolerance on heat and their skin easily dries. Give them capsules with vitamin E to prevent their skin from cracking and scaling.

Give them exercise. They need to run, walk and play. They shed a lot of hair so keep them groomed all the time. It may cause allergies to family members.

These loving pets tend to get anxiety attacks when separated from their owners. And it is funny to note that this breed tend to emit gas or fart constantly.

These dogs are susceptible to allergies due to the strong smells of cleaning products and other environmental factors like dust. Keep their cages and surrounding environment always clean.

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