Dogs Not Allowed in House?

We have two dogs and three cats and they are truly loved and pampered and have the run of the house and yard. They are small dogs that can go out to the toilet when they feel the urge and the cats use kitty litter.

Our next door neighbour had two dogs but recently the elderly dog died and their remaining dog is a big black Labrador about four years old called Bella. I felt sorry her as we have a hole in the fence and she used to sit and  just watch from her small yard. She’d see me taking the dogs for two walks a day seven days a week and come with use for drives to the park or beach.

I started giving her treats through the fence with her owner’s approval. They are a lovely family with two young kids and your every day family that keeps the dog outside and try to take her for a daily walk.

They went away for a weekend and asked if we could feed her. Well I have truly started something here. She spent a full 48 hours with us and slept over on the lounge! She has started coming for the two walks and is slowly getting more used to being restrained on the leash..

Now she stays here during the day until her family gets home and then goes to sleep there at night. As you can imagine she seems so much happier!




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