Darlington (Sydney) – Dogs in Short Term Foster Care Need Walking. Can you Help?

Do you live near Darlington in Sydney and love dogs? Two dogs are currently in foster care as their owner is unwell. The foster carer could do with some help dog walking. Can you or someone you know help?

The dogs’ owner was admitted to hospital in Melbourne and the dogs have been flown to Sydney where foster care has been provided through the organisation Paws and Recover with a carer in Darlington.

The dogs names’ are Max and Shep -Max is a  male seven year-old Border Collie and Shep is a 12 year-old Kelpie Cross.

If anybody is available to assist in walking them, that would be appreciated. Max retrieves the ball, and both walk well on a lead. Please contact:

Jacki 0401 925737 from Paws and Recover


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Jul 04, 2013 | 0 | Dog Exercise

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