Sydney – Short Term Foster Care Over Christmas/New Year to Save These Two Dogs From Death?

Jacki from Paws and Recover has had a request from a rescue group who are trying to save these two dogs.

They require a short-term foster till after Christmas – the reason being is that pounds at this time of year start killing the dogs as they know they will have an influx over New Year/Christmas as a result of dogs ending up at the pound escaping fireworks, etc and they need to “make room”.

The pounds have already sent out their PTS (put to sleep lists) early.

Jacki knows people are usually planning to go away at Christmas, but if anybody has space for a few weeks, it will mean the difference to these dogs between being alive or dead.

As always Jacki appreciates the fact you can pass this request on the email trail if you are unable to help.

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or email


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Dec 17, 2012 | 0 | Home Wanted

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