Dog Bowls: Why an Elevated Dog Bowl?

By Jennifer L Franklin

Ever wonder what’s up with those elevated dog bowls? Believe it or not, they don’t just look pretty in your house (although a lot of them certainly do) but they have several benefits to you and your dog! Think about it – would you like to eat off the floor? Well then why should our four-legged friends? Below are some reasons to consider buying an Elevated Dog Bowl:

  • Slows Down Eating – It’s not a Race! Ever see this scene before? It’s like they act as if they’ve never been fed before! Surprisingly your dog will not gulp his food from a raised dog feeder but rather actually chew his food which makes this perfect for those fast eaters!
  • Easier to Swallow – Look Up. If you watch your dog drink…you will notice it’s easier for him to swallow if he’s looking up which is why he tends to lift his head after taking a gulp of water. Wouldn’t you be uncomfortable trying to eat or drink looking down all the time? Eating and drinking in an upright position reduces the intake of excess air which helps alleviate bloating and other common stomach issues that all dogs can experience. This upright position also assists the food to descend into the stomach rather than accumulate in the esophagus which can lead to vomiting.
  • Better Posture – For all Ages. This is especially true for larger breeds that really have to bend over more. Consider your elderly dog with arthritis and muscular pain or those with back, neck and shoulder problems. An elevated dog bowl will certainly help him to eat and drink more comfortably (and you don’t have to bend over as much either to fill the bowls).
  • Cleanliness and Hygiene – Essential to a Sanitary Life. An elevated dog bowl helps keep the food and water within the bowl instead of on the floor. Again, dogs will lift their heads to swallow at which time they tend to slop the excess food and water onto the floor. If your dog is eating from an elevated bowl he won’t have to do this. A lot of these bowls are also made out of stainless steel which has added health benefits. Stainless steel is rust-free, durable, sanitary, dishwasher safe and they won’t leak!

Elevated Dog Bowls come in many shapes, bowl sizes, heights, designs and material. This allows you more to choose from depending on your dogs’ size and your home décor! Keep in mind when selecting a height that the top of the dog feeder should be right at low chest level (which is where your dog’s front legs meet his body) and be sure not to buy one that is too high.

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