Sydney – Bluey Needs a Home

Nadine says:

Bluey is a non-de sexed male Blue Cattle dog, possibly between three to four years old that does not nip at all and is very gentle and quite trusting towards strangers.

He adopted his current owner after spending some time on the streets. He is quite tiny for his breed, has a very soft fluffy coat and shows signs of being exceptionally smart.

There is evidence he has had some basic training – he sits on command, fetches and brings the stick/ball right back to your feet.  Bluey has virtually spent most of the last two years alone locked up in a backyard, is hyper-active with acute anxiety as far as I can tell.

Bluey has been living with Ron who is 84 and still working as a long-haul truck driver, therefore he is rarely home.  Although the backyard is quite big the neighbours want him gone because he barks incessantly, and at anything.  Ron’s family also want the dog rehoused as they are bearing the brunt of neighbourhood complaints and do not feel Ron is able to give Bluey the life he deserves.  There have been efforts to rehouse Bluey but all so far have fallen through.

Ive recently taken Bluey into my too tiny backyard with my female Blue Cattle dog.  He gets fed twice a day and has nice long walks every day, alongside my dog.  He’s pretty good at being walked on a leash, but he is alongside my dog so I’m really not sure what is learned behaviour and what is just mimicry.  Since having Bluey his barking has almost stopped (I control it and he has another dog there that does not bark at all) and his anxiety and hyperactivity is slowly waning.

However, in short, Bluey is a handful you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.  He represents everything that is bad about dogs – incessant barking, anxious, hyperactive, jumping up and demanding attention the minute you walk into the backyard.  BUT he’s a gorgeous dog – exceedingly sweet and could be a great companion if he experienced routine in a healthy and secure, stable and loving environment – which he’ll be in until a more permanent home is found for him so (fingers crossed) this may take the edge off his hellish ways!  If you know of anyone willing to take little Bluey on I would love to hear from them.

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Mar 15, 2012 | 1 | Looking for a Home

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  1. Pamela Says:

    This is what happens when animals are neglected. The previous owner should be fined for animal cruelty. The poor dog is lonely and needs to live with other dogs and a guardian who can spend a lot of time with him. Also, get him snipped.

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