How To Share Custody Of Your Apartment Pet

By Andrew Reichek

Trying to share custody of a pet during the middle of a divorce, separation, or breakup can certainly add to the stress of the situation. However, it doesn’t have to be another problem that remains unsolved. Sharing a pet has become more commonplace among those whom are in the middle of splitting up.

Although you may have purchased your pet and have taken care of it more than the other person in the relationship, the law may view it differently. Read on to find out how both of you might want to share your bet so you don’t have to get the law involved and spend more money on attorneys fees.

The Law and Pet Custody

Many lawyers suggest that one efficient method is to sit down and work on agreement between both of you. Try and work out a visitation schedule and who will have the pet the majority of the time. Try to keep your pet out of the divorce process. The law won’t see sharing a pet the same way as it views your kids. Remember that child custody laws are different for live human beings.

Pets may be regarded as personal property. That means that someone will be awarded the pet. The other party will not have any rights and may never see the pet again. It’s very possible the court will not dictate shared custody.

How To Share Custody of A Pet In Your Apartment

The first step is making sure that all parties in the process are ok with some sort of shared custody. Remember that your pet is a living creature. Here are some topics you will want to consider.

*What partner has the most space and the right kind of space for the pet?
*Who has the most money to care for the pet. Food and veterinarian visits can surely add up.
*Who has taken care of the pet the majority of time in the past?
*Did someone have ownership of the pet before the relationship began?
*Who has the most free time to care for the pet?

Some of the more successful arrangements include one person getting the pet during the week and the other on the weekends. Also how will you give the pet to the other person? Will you drop it off at their home or will both of you meet somewhere else where you can exchange the pet.

This will be an emotional time. Everyone needs to keep the interest of the pet above each other.

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