Meet Tara from the Bali Dog Adoption and Rehabilition Centre (BARC)

Melbourne-based, 25 year-old Tara is one of the key volunteers at the Bali Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre (BARC) who are based in Ubud, Bali. This may sound confusing given Tara lives in Australia but technology allows Tara to volunteer with BARC remotely.

“For as long as I can remember I’ve had a soft spot for animals”, said Tara. “I’d write weekly newsletters to all of my friends about animals and I sponsored a dolphin when I was about 10.

Now I sponsor Bali dogs! I grew up with my dad racing greyhounds and back then I had no idea how bad racing was for the greyhound welfare, but as I got older and was exposed to it all I saw how my dad was different to the others – he’d take on dogs that were going to be put down or just passed to a shelter and he would treat his dogs like they were his kids, so he was a big influence on me”, said Tara.

Tara found out about BARC through her sister Amber who is heavily involved with the Centre. At first Tara helped from her Melbourne home with a few things they needed assistance with and made some financial donations.

“Then I asked myself how I could do more for BARC while not actually being in Bali physically. I then met up with BARC’s founder Linda Buller when she came to Australia and it all started from there,” Tara said. “Ebony is another Australian that has moved there to help Linda out with the dogs and Amber travels to Bali frequently. They are all constantly hands on but not everyone can be in Bali to help them.

“I work solely from Melbourne and communicate via email and phone. I have visited the shelter once after helping them for about a year to see what it was really like, and I’d love to get over there more often. When I took my first trip to Bali I had the opportunity to visit the shelter first-hand. When I first arrived at the shelter it’s exactly what I had expected – one thing you really notice is how all of the dogs are so well cared for individually… they all have names and you also see just how busy the staff are. They need more people helping out on a regular basis.

Amber is constantly updating me on the shelter as she’s there quite often and she fills me in on how much help they really need and still do. I also have a love for animals, dogs in particular so helping BARC fulfils something in me, said Tara.

“One dog that really touched me was Layla. We found her on the beach and had her in our hotel throughout most of our stay in Bali. She is an amazing dog and I really wish I could have her here with me in Australia but they have very strict laws and will not allow dogs to leave Bali after the rabies outbreak even though it is now under control.

At home I have an amazing giant mastiff x wolf hound called Dexter, he is the most docile and caring dog I’ve ever come across and getting him was the best decision I have ever made. I can’t imagine not having a pet as they just make everything seem a little better no matter what your going through…

My full time job is working in an office for an importing company I’ve been with for about six years. Ideally I want to be working with animals in some way but it’s a bit easier said than done at the moment… I wish the administration job I do for BARC was my full time job !”, said Tara.

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