Dogs Not Allowed in House?

We have two dogs and three cats and they are truly loved and pampered and have the run of the house and yard. They are small dogs that can go out to the toilet when they feel the urge and the cats use kitty litter.

Our next door neighbour had two dogs but recently the elderly dog died and their remaining dog is a big black Labrador about four years old called Bella. I felt sorry her as we have a hole in the fence and she used to sit and  just watch from her small yard. She’d see me taking the dogs for two walks a day seven days a week and come with use for drives to the park or beach.

I started giving her treats through the fence with her owner’s approval. They are a lovely family with two young kids and your every day family that keeps the dog outside and try to take her for a daily walk.

They went away for a weekend and asked if we could feed her. Well I have truly started something here. She spent a full 48 hours with us and slept over on the lounge! She has started coming for the two walks and is slowly getting more used to being restrained on the leash..

Now she stays here during the day until her family gets home and then goes to sleep there at night. As you can imagine she seems so much happier!




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How to Tell If a Dog Has Worms

To tell if a dog has worms, take the animal to a veterinary clinic, where fecal tests and a physical exam are conducted to determine what kind of worm is present, as many worms do not physically show in the stool. Treat a dog with worms, who might scoot on its bottom, vomit or have diarrhea, with helpful information from an experienced veterinarian in this free video on pet care.

Expert: Dr. James Talbott
Bio: Dr. James R. Talbott is a staff veterinarian at Belle Forest Animal Hospital and Kennel in Nashville, Tenn.
Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge


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Sydney – Adorable Cross Blue Cattle and Terrier Desperate for Home or it’s the Pound!

I received an email about this poor dog – animal lovers please pass on also to anyone you know that may be able to help. I don’t even know her name!

The message about the current owners reads:

“They had this gorgeous pup that they have had for a month. Anyway the husband said I can have her as they are getting rid of her on the weekend. I am horrified. The fact that an animal has known love coming from the pound and then to be taken back. It would have been better for her never to have had that love.

Anyway, the pup was to be going straight back to Campbelltown pound tomorrow. Because of the number of animals at this pound, there’s not much luck for her future. They euthanise massively. I have asked them to give me a week to try to find it a home and they have agreed. She is adorable. Cross blue cattle but more terrier.”

Message me here at or phone me on 0401 141 222 to get more details. Thanks!

Please please please please send this on to anyone who can help.


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Darlington (Sydney) – Dogs in Short Term Foster Care Need Walking. Can you Help?

Do you live near Darlington in Sydney and love dogs? Two dogs are currently in foster care as their owner is unwell. The foster carer could do with some help dog walking. Can you or someone you know help?

The dogs’ owner was admitted to hospital in Melbourne and the dogs have been flown to Sydney where foster care has been provided through the organisation Paws and Recover with a carer in Darlington.

The dogs names’ are Max and Shep -Max is a  male seven year-old Border Collie and Shep is a 12 year-old Kelpie Cross.

If anybody is available to assist in walking them, that would be appreciated. Max retrieves the ball, and both walk well on a lead. Please contact:

Jacki 0401 925737 from Paws and Recover


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Sydney – 12 Year Old Cindy Needs a New Home

Linda has  an elderly client who has a 12 yr old female Jack Russell x Foxie.

“This lady is looking to rehome her asap as she feels she can no longer care for her. This lady has carers that come to her home regularly, so obviously she isn’t able to do things as easily as once might have been”, Linda said.

“She loves her dog Cindy dearly and wants to make sure she goes to a good home. She’s a very sweet dog, but she is quite timid with strangers – but not aggressive or anything.  She’s in really good health for her age too. My client got her from a shelter about seven years ago. She’s desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations too,” said Linda.

Please if there’s anyone who could help out can you please email Linda at


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Illawong – Tori a Three-Legged Boxer Needs Rehoming or Foster Care

Jacki from Paws and Recover has had a request to rehome a Boxer called “Tori”.

Jacki is looking for a foster home for her, while she explores options such as Boxer rescue and advertising her on Pet rescue.

Please let Jacki know if anybody is able to foster her, length of time unknown at this stage.

Details are:

Tori’s  owner has early onset dementia and her husband committed suicide some years ago and she recently lost her son tragically also.

There is another son that lives with her but the dog has been a little neglected and the RSPCA were called after dog was seen wandering streets.  The remaining son has issues of his own but has taken some very recent positive steps for healing.

They do love her dearly but given the recent tragedies and situation it seems they cannot care for her anymore and we are wanting to prevent the RSPCA coming to pick her up (they are planning on visiting again but have asked to call me for an update first).

The dog’s name is Tori.  She is a boxer.  About 12 years old and desexed.  Tori only has three legs but came to the current owners that way and gets around fine.  She is a friendly but shy dog. I have visited several times and have never been frightened of the dog nor do I recall her barking.

Please contact to discuss further.

Jacki 0401 925737


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Foster Home Needed for Two-year Old Cattle Dog (Sydney)

Can you help with this request at all please?

“One of my clients needs to come in to hospital for her mental health. She is
currently living on the streets and is not well.

She is accompanied by her blue heeler, Bluey. Due to the animal, we essentially
can’t get her into treatment until we can get care for her dog.

Bluey is about two years old.”

If you can help please contact

Jacki 0401 925737


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Relocating with Dogs (and Cats)

Seven months ago or so my partner and I took the plunge and left a busy inner city neighborhood for a life on NSW’s Central Coast.

We moved with two dogs and two cats. In the build up they knew something really weird was happening and it would have been very stressful for them.

What was even more stressful was the one and a half hour car trip. My partner was already at the house after coming up with the removalists. I was told to drive super safely because almost an entire family could be wiped out in a car accident!

So, we made it up and the dogs were so happy having been here for weekends. The cats on the other hand were petrified and wouldn’t leave their carry cages.

Eventually the hid in the bedrooms and after a week or so they loved living here too! It has just been the best move for all of us. The dogs get their walks by beaches and lakes and the cats are enjoying the peace and quiet. It has been so lovely that we recently adopted a rescue kitten called Leroy.

The only downside is that we have to worry about ticks and snakes from November through to March. For the cats, rather than spray them which they would hate we check them regularly.

On the dogs we cannot use Advantix because it could kill the cats! Instead they wear unsightly tick collars and we have to use a Frontline tick spot-on treatment twice a week.

It is worth it though because we can truly witness how happy they are!



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Can You Help Transport a Dog from Sydney to Bowral/Goulburn on Friday for Paws and Recover?

Paws and Recover – is a registered Not-For-Profit Organisation who are establishing an infrastructure of volunteers to support people by sharing the care of their pets during a health crisis and difficult times.

Through a network of volunteers, Paws and Recover offers practical help such as dog walking, respite pet care, fostering, dog and cat grooming, transporting pets to vets and support in assisting people care for their animals during times of illness.

They have put out a call for help!

“I need to transport a dog to Yass on Friday. The people at the other end can probably come to either Goulburn or even Bowral area .

Is there anyone that might be able to help please. I’m happy to pay for petrol and tolls if you can help or know anyone that can help.”

Many thanks

0407 994 295


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About “sasha & me” – Designs for Modern Pets

I have been so taken by the products I have seen being produced by sasha & me here in Australia that I sent their Director, Claudia, just a few questions to find out more. I have seen the stylish and modern images posted on Facebook. These include pet beds, blankets, bed covers and accessories like collars and leads and dog neck warmers! On further inspection of their website I notice they also sell the Moso Bamboo Range.. products made from bamboo of course. What I had also read is that sasha & me have heart! They donate 5% of all sales to the Bali (Dog) Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre (BARC).

“sasha & me is a label that offers fashionable, contemporary products for dogs and dog lovers.  Each high quality product and accessory has been designed to enhance and strengthen the relationship between people and their four legged-friends”, says Claudia  in her introduction to my questions that follow.

“The brands philosophy is based upon Contemporary Design, Eco Friendliness and Fair Trade”, said Claudia.

Claudia, to get some background on the creator of sasha & me can you tell us a little about yourself?

“I have spent most of my professional life in fashion. Over the years I gained experience in product development, buying and in senior management”, said Claudia.

“Like so many crucial events in life, I started sasha & me by chance, disillusioned by the Australian retail fashion industry, I wanted to do something that I could be passionate about and make a difference, and this is how sasha & me was borne.

I launched the brand in 2012, in my tiny office and stored all my designs in the garage. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to keep the designs clean and modern without the cliché designs that I have seen around the pet stores. I had no idea if I was doing the right thing but I just keep following my instinct and never gave up my vision”, said Claudia.

How else can you describe the sasha & me product range?

“All of our designs are simple and contemporary; we like to compliment our beds and accessories to the individual style and home design – why have a beautiful home but a very average looking pet bed? I never understood the logic of that. A dog bed is a large and unique piece of furniture in your home – be proud to show it off. Your pet after all is part of your family”, said Claudia.

“The next thing we focus on is quality.  We have never compromised and we never will. I want the brand to be something I would be very proud to purchase myself. Therefore we spend numerous hours searching for the best organic fabrics or eco-friendly materials and focus in attention to details and craftsmanship. For example check out the the Moso Bamboo Range.

Sustainability and transparency are today’s inescapable requirements. Consumers want to know where the product comes from, who makes it, how it is made and what are the long-term benefits, for the buyer, for the people we engage with and the environment”, said Claudia.

What’s next for sasha & me?

“Now a year later, we have moved to a bigger office and we are starting to build a strong relationship with many small retailers. We keep it humble and happy and focus on growing our relationship with like-minded people across the globe”, said Claudia.

“We are currently expanding our range and we’re constantly working on new designs.

Last but not least, our goal this year would be to find a distributor in the USA. We have a strong demand over there so we just need to find a company that would value our vision and share our  philosophy of life with our pets”, said Claudia.

We here at Dogs and Cats of course wish sasha & me all the best!

One more thing Claudia – - do you have a special offer for our readers?

“OK – let’s do the travel mats with your readers. We will offer  free postage”said Claudia. To ensure you get this deal just email and mention “special offer”.

Thanks Claudia! Here is the travel mat again..





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