Children and Cats

Cats are wonderful pets and can offer the family great enjoyment and entertainment. Allowing a child to care for pet enables the child to learn responsibility.

Growing up with cats as pets is indeed great for your child offering a chance to of learning respect for animals and the importance of affection. A pet is for life and the child should be encouraged to understand that a pet becomes like a member of the family.


  • Show to your child the proper way of handling cats. Kids could be very excited and may be they will not be able to handle the cat well. Your role is to teach the proper way of caring for the cat.
  • Be a guide especially if it is your child’s first time to caring for a cat. Explain to your child why a new pet may act aloof so that he or she would understand.
  • Tell your child some facts about cats to allow them to understand their pet better.
  • Do not encourage your child to be rough with the cat but rather be gentle to avoid any risks. This would be entailing risks.Introduce the use of cat toys for the cat.
  • Let your child understand what the importance of sleeping is and how he could help in giving this to their new pet.

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