Boarding a Cat

By Frank Loethen

Sometimes a cat owner will go on a business trip or a vacation. Depending on the length of the trip, there are alternatives for the care it besides boarding. One can take it with them in carrier or kennel. Depending on where someone is going, caring for a cat can require a lot of extra maintenance. It has been known for an owner to lose it when taking a trip. Sometimes it will get scared with its new surroundings and run away.

Unlike a dog, it requires less individual care and attention. If the time away is relatively short, using extended food and water feeders and an extra litter box will usually work. These feeders work well and it will be very comfortable until its owner returns.

Another alternative is a pet sitter. This is where a person will visit the house usually every day and make sure it is taken care of. This is solution is more appropriate for a dog because you do not have to let it out. In addition, the owner has to give access to the house to that person.

The above solutions do not require it to leave its home. Some circumstances require boarding. It can be boarded with other animals but a boarding service specializing in cats is best. The attendants are trained in taking care of it and can better understand its needs. It can experience stress being away from home especially if it is its first time.

It should be kept in an individual cage with a water bowl and litter box. The size of the cage will depend on the size of a cat but it should not be caged in cramp quarters. If more than one is to be boarded, they can be put in the same cage as long there is adequate room. If it gets along with other cats, a common area may be available for it to play.

Food can be provided by the boarder or an owner can furnish the food with instructions on feeding it. Any medications it is taking should also be provided by the owner. Boarders usually require it to have its vaccinations current and be free of parasites. Boarders may not board it if it is infected with certain diseases.

The cost of boarding depends on the type of care an owner desires. An owner should visit several boarding facilities before making a decision on where to board. Some facilities may require an owner to sign a liability release. Asking for references and checking with a veterinarian are good ways to verify it will be taken care of properly.

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